2019 wedding trend – oversized bows

Although bows have been staple wedding dress and wedding décor accessories for years, we’ve recently seen this humble decorative feature get a new lease of life. A number of designers and wedding planners have begun using large, oversized bows to accentuate their dresses, table settings and accessories. As  Brides magazine says, “Appearing on belts, sleeves, backs and bodices across bridalwear collections, bows are the new statement feature.”

Dress with big bow

If you want to ensure that your wedding is right on trend, and give it a unique and original aesthetic in the process, take a look at our guide to using oversized bows in your wedding.


Oversized bows can be used to great effect on wedding dresses. Have an oversized bow on the waistline of your wedding dress to give it a unique twist or place a large bow at the base of your back to help you look fantastic from all angles as you walk down the aisle. If you want to really run with your theme, you could have multiple bows on your dress or even have a cascade of oversized bows falling down your skirt. You can either choose to have your bows stand out by making them from a complementary colour and fabric or you can closely match them to your dress to make the feature a little more subtle. If you want to incorporate bows into your wedding dress, talk to your designer as soon as possible.


Bows, and knots in general, are a traditional symbol of love and so are perfect for use in your wedding décor. If you’re getting married underneath an arch, you could decorate it with one giant bow and have the fabric trailing down the sides of the structure. This will look fantastic in your photos and will help to create an eye-catching focal point for the ceremony.

Bow decorations

Bows can also be used to decorate your chairs. Whether you’re covering your chairs in fabric or not, you can use bows to decorate the backs of the seats and give your venue a fantastic colourful touch. Tables, pillars, balloons and even microphone stands can all be given something a little extra with an oversized bow. Why not get a little creative and see what you can come up with?

A fantastic way to give your wedding venue its own unique aesthetic and help your nuptials stand out from the crowd, oversized bows can be incorporated in pretty much all wedding themes. If you’re still hunting for your dream wedding venue, or if you’d like more help and advice on planning the perfect day, take a look around our site or get in touch with a member of our expert team today.

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