How to end the wedding the right way

Couples planning a wedding have an enormous amount of information to draw inspiration from. There’s advice on everything, from how to work the reception to exactly which accessories will go best with your theme. However, one element that tends to get overlooked is how to end your wedding in the right way.

Wedding couple

Think about your wedding as a stage show, something which shows off your love and devotion for each other, and who you both are as individuals. In the West End, the way a show is ended is just as important as how it begins.

In this post, we explore a few neat ideas of how you can end your wedding in true style and panache!

Remember Your Etiquette

No matter how carefree or bohemian you are as a couple, it’s always a good idea to follow etiquette when it comes to your wedding reception and how to exit it.

As our friends over at The Knot write:

“If you were planning on leaving before the evening comes to a close (which some brides and grooms still do, opting for a bit more wedding night privacy), make sure your attendants and key family members know the game plan well before the reception party starts.”

It’s essentially just making sure you both don’t kill the vibe when you do make your exit. Which is where some grand ideas on ending a wedding the right way come in to play.

1. A Flower Shower

A perfect idea for those of you indulging in a Spring or Summer wedding is to have a ‘flower shower’ when you exit. It can be as boho and charming as you like. Simply give your guests each a handful of flower petals and get them to joyfully throw them over you and your beloved as you make your way to the car.

2. Lanterns

Our lantern packages have become hugely popular over the years. As the evening reception is starting to wind down, this is a wondrous way of injecting a bit of magic into the evening. Have lots of candle lit lanterns waiting for your guests just outside as they leave the reception.

3. Firework Frenzy

Ah yes! Fireworks, an eternal staple of fun and frolics. To really make your wedding end with a bang, organise an exciting fireworks display in the grounds of your reception hall.

4. Vintage Motor

A vintage motor decked in colourful flowers is always so charming for a wedding. When you end your reception, have something like a classic Bentley or Rolls Royce waiting for you both in the courtyard. Even better is to have it festooned with your favourite flowers, for that extra slice of romance.

5. Accommodation

Having overnight accommodation at the venue where you have the wedding reception is perhaps the best thing to do to end the wedding. It is always better when you and your beloved can just head up stairs to a comfy and romantic suite, while your guest dance their way into the early hours. At CHW, we have an illustrious range of beautiful and charming rooms and other accommodation that can suit any couple.

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