Wedding speech builders – no-no or modern day saviour?

In today’s technologically driven world, there’s literally an app or online service to make life easier in every respect. It comes as no surprise that there are a number of online services to assist with one of the biggest moments of a wedding day – the wedding speeches. According to a recent YouGov study, the best man’s speech is one of the most popular wedding traditions. In fact, 73% of those surveyed said it’s one wedding tradition that should be preserved, only behind the groom having a best man and the bride and groom taking their first dance.

Wedding toast

Whether it’s the best man, groom, father of the bride, bride, maid of honour or all of the above taking to the stage to say their piece at your wedding day, ensuring that you nail the speech is a top priority. There are tons of articles across the web detailing the dos and don’ts of composing the perfect wedding speech, but with the wedding speech builders currently available online, you don’t even have to pen your own these days! Here we take a closer look at whether the wedding speech builders are a no-no or a modern day saviour.

A whole library of jokes and stories to choose from…

Wedding speech builders present huge libraries of jokes, stories, toasts and thank yous. The most sophisticated builders even ensure a flexible structure that can be personalised to your specific needs, giving you complete control over the creative process. With a speech builder you can pick and choose your favourites, adding your own personal anecdotes along the way.

…But they won’t be your own

Beware of relying too much on the pre-prepared jokes and stories available via a wedding speech builder. Although most wedding speech builders provide the opportunity to personalise your wedding speech further, many people get carried away with the professionally written material available.

Personalisation is the key to delivering the best wedding speech, whatever your role, and this level of personalisation should go far beyond inputting the names of your family and friends.

Remember it’s more than just words that matter

Your words aren’t the only thing that has to impress when delivering a wedding speech. Confidence is a vital part of the experience. Overcoming nerves when giving your wedding speech isn’t easy. Wedding Ideas offers some great advice on achieving just that for an unforgettable speech:

“While nerves are inevitable, you do need to be able to control them. What do you need to control nerves? Confidence. And how do you become more confident? Know your speech. The definition of confidence is to have faith in something; if you know your material and how you want to deliver it, you’ll have confidence in your speech and yourself… For any speech, reading or presentation, there are three Ps to remember: Plan, Prepare and Practise. Even if you just want to say a few words, if you have planned, prepared and practised those words in advance, your ability to convey what you want to say will increase exponentially.”

Start rehearsing sooner rather than later

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”, and with many wedding speech builders claiming to build you a speech in less than 10 minutes, your rehearsals could begin sooner than you anticipated.

‘Doing it yourself’ is our recommendation when preparing a wedding speech. It will impress the bride and groom, and the wider wedding party. But there’s nothing wrong with getting a helping hand courtesy of a speech builder. Make any speech you prepare your own and deliver a speech that truly stands out.

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