Ways to say thank you: Chocolate boxes

Such is chocolate’s almost universal popularity, it’s a fantastic thank you gift in almost any situation. Over the past 10 years, a flurry of chocolatiers have become established across the UK. Each has specialised in creating the most wondrous chocolate you’ve ever tasted.

Chocolate box

In this post we explore four of the most divine thank you gifts, all in the form of chocolate boxes. Along with more contemporary ideas, there are some good old-fashioned styles we’re sure you’ll love.

1. Black and white

The classiest way of saying thank you, black and white is a splendid choice. For a post-wedding gift for your guests, try pure white boxes tied with black silk ribbon. Inside, recipients will enjoy a gorgeous selection of black and white chocolates, fashioned into bride and groom outfits. It’s thoroughly modern, yet iconic and enduring at the same time.

2. Art Nouveau

Ideal if you’re having an Art Nouveau wedding, some old world style chocolates boxed in some artistically spot on packaging will be the cherry on the cake. As we wrote recently about the Art Nouveau theme:

“The Art Nouveau period is typically associated with charming elegance. An artist called Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired the Art Nouveau movement, beginning in the late 19th century. Using an Art Nouveau style for your wedding will mean adding lush florals and elaborate designs, together with flowing gowns and vintage jewellery.”

Now, bottle that inspiration and add it to the chocolate boxes. Trust us, these will really go down well with your guests.

3. Autumnal chocolates

Autumn is always a popular time to get married. It’s a time of rustic browns and berry reds, offering so much inspiration when it comes to wedding themes. So how about some Autumnal chocolate boxes to treat your guests with?

Boxes should be dark brown or red, offset with a purple silk ribbon. Inside, conceal some themed treats. These might include clementines dipped in luxuriant dark chocolate or ginger drizzled in milk chocolate.

Chocolates autumn

4. Hipster chocolates

We’ve got several awesome ideas for hipster couples when it comes to thank you gifts. Artisanal chocolate is the answer, and will be appreciated by all your guests. In fact, several companies have sprung up to supply the growing demand.

Marble patterned chocolate is a somewhat unique proposition, and when married to some matching boxes you’re sure to have a gift that will impress your guests. Sometimes you really can push the boundaries with a little salted caramel!

Packaging needn’t be marble patterned. A quick Pinterest search, and you’ll see plenty of artistic inspiration for your boxes, ranging from the arty to the truly unique.

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