Winter wedding dress ideas

Winter offers a romantic backdrop for any wedding. Snowy landscapes, clear skies and vibrant colours all create an enviable setting. The cold winter weather also provides a unique opportunity to experiment with a seasonal wedding dress and glamorous accessories.

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The Winter Dress

When choosing your dress, look for gowns that will keep you warm in the cool weather. Opt for dresses that include layers, perhaps incorporating a full ballerina skirt. Take the time to consider your dress fabrics too. Heavier fabrics like silk and velvet are warmer. Long sleeves are also a wonderful choice for a bride getting married in the wintertime.

Some brides also embrace sequins and other more festive dress details during the season.

Second Wedding Dress Ideas

If you’re a bride planning a second (or third) wedding, you can enjoy experimenting with several festive dress designs. Brides explains:

“For a formal evening affair at a country club or hotel, you could wear a ball gown in pale silver, gold, blue or pink (skip girlish details like bows and lace); if you’re in great shape, a long, body-conscious gown in pewter charmeuse would be stunning. For a more casual party, think about a knee-length cocktail dress in celadon or bronze, or a silk suit, if you’re hiding any figure flaws.”

Change up your Hues

Consider trying an alternative dress colour to the traditional white and ivory, as these classic colours will tend to blend into your snowy scenarios. Blush, cream or champagne will keep you in view and centre-stage.

Striking Accessories

A winter wedding allows for several seasonal accessory options. The icy weather is a perfect time to experiment with faux fur. A faux fur wrap is a chic choice that will keep you warm and look stylish on your wedding day. Whites, greys and warm brown fur wraps are all different options to explore and to contrast with your own wedding colours, dress and accessories. You can also shop for a faux fur shawl, jacket, coat or stole.

Sparkling accessories suit the winter weather. Try earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches and hair accessories that are styled with white crystals, diamonds or zirconia. You can also add some sparkle to your wedding dress by sewing crystals into your skirt, bodice or veil if you have chosen one.

Keep your toes Warm

A silky sandal is out for a winter wedding. You don’t want freezing cold toes on your wedding day! A velvet pump is a useful option, as the fabric is great for wintry weather. A boot in white is also a great choice, particularly if there’s snow on the ground. A pair of waterproof flats or sneakers might be the ticket if you’re in a long dress anyway.

Ideal dress for a Winter Wedding

Winter allows you to experiment with sophisticated fabrics, designs and accessories that bring a unique character to your wedding day look. Consider your dress and accessories carefully to ensure that you stay warm and feel confident throughout your day.

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