Creative ways to announce your engagement

Becoming engaged is one of the most exciting times in any individual’s life. Your engagement is more than just a milestone for kick starting wedding preparations. It is a huge life moment that should be celebrated, whether you did the asking or it was your partner who got down on one knee. You’ll need to tell your engagement story about 100 times, so it might be an idea to think up a creative way to break the news.

Wedding engagement

Post it online

Announcing your engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another social media favourite is so-last-summer. Go big when posting it online by telling your proposal story via an established wedding website, as suggested by The Knot:

“As soon as you get engaged, one of the first questions people will ask is how you got proposed to. Get used to it. Telling and retelling the story is part of the fun of being engaged. Our Advice: To make it easier on yourselves, submit your proposal story to How He Asked (and put it on your wedding website too) so your friends and family can get all of the details.”

If you’d prefer to keep things more private, doing so via your social media profile and only sharing your news with your network of friends is might be a better idea. Many couples announce that they’re engaged with a selfie.

Share the exact moment

With a bit of planning, you can capture the exact moment you got asked before sharing it with the world online. This method works particularly well if you or your partner did something rather spectacular as the proposal. Getting your nearest and dearest involved, whether that be your beloved pets, kids or friends is another must when announcing your engagement.

Say it with an accessory

Long and emotional messages are excellent accompaniments to images of the proposal or your engagement ring. But if you’re not all that great with words, using the right prop or accessory in your post engagement selfie can say it all. There are a number of inspiring ‘just engaged’ accessories available, so get shopping to find the perfect prop to announce your news. These just-engaged gifts and accessories aren’t just for one time use, either. Many provide a lasting memento and reminder of the moment he asked and you said: “I do”.

Your props don’t have to be specially bought. Customising the bits and bobs that were lying around when you got engaged will also help tell your story – from the rose that he presented the ring into the Starbucks cups you were carrying at the time the question was popped.

Host an engagement party

Nothing breaks the news like a good, old fashioned party, and who said you had to wait until the wedding to celebrate with family and friends? Instead of hitting share on a social media announcement, send out those invites and celebrate your engagement in person.

Once you’ve announced your engagement to the masses, the wedding planning fun can really begin. Sending out your save the dates is first on the list. Find out the right time to distribute these ‘unofficial invites’ right here.

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