Say it with a selfie – top tips for your engaged shot

After being named the word of 2013 and officially added to the Oxford Dictionary shortly after, selfies have taken the world by storm. Whatever the occasion or moment, taking a selfie is always the answer, particularly when there’s a big life event that needs to be shared. According to wedding planning resource Loverly , snapping a selfie is one of the things you need to do as soon as you get engaged:

“The ring selfies are inevitable, but many couples forget to take a post-proposal photo of themselves. Get in close and take one yourselves or ask someone nearby to snap a nice photo of you. It’s a nice keepsake of the moment, even it even if it’s just a poorly lit selfie.”

Engagement selfie

Capturing the selfie that says “we’re off the market for good” isn’t easy though. Read on to discover our top tips for your just engaged selfie shot.

Go au natural with lighting

Whilst snapping a selfie won’t rival a professional engagement shoot, getting the lighting at its most flattering is a good idea. Make sure you are in a well-lit space – how can your audience appreciate the brilliance of your engagement ring if it’s shrouded in darkness? Natural light is great if you have enough to work with. Taking your selfie during that magic hour, either one hour after sunrise or before sunset, is thought to produce the perfect selfie.

Remember composition is everything

Snapping in the moment is all well and good but if the composition of your picture doesn’t work, your shot may not be as appealing as you want it to be. Use an old photographer’s trick by adopting the rule of thirds.

The rule of thirds dictates that an object looks more appealing when positioned to left or right of the frame rather than dead centre. In this case, your engagement ring will be the star of the show. Place your sparkler towards the left or right side of your frame and if you want to be in the photo, position yourselves around it.

Forget the pouts and duck faces

Sometimes a simple smile is enough when taking a selfie, so forget the hugely popular but equally annoying pouts and duck faces. You’ve just got engaged to the person you love, so let it show!

Choose your selfie style

There are tons of ways you can strike a pose for a selfie, from the traditional ‘look into the camera’ to the more romantic smooch or led-by-the-hand selfie shot. Going for something you are both comfortable with is the key to capturing that blissful, just-engaged look perfectly.

The mirror selfie is another great way to get a full length shot of the both of you with your new sparkler on display. Many couples even stay out of the picture altogether to let the engagement ring do all the talking. If the latter is your chosen selfie style, make sure you take the picture from an angle that shows off all the details, not forgetting to choose a setting, prop or backdrop that does your ring, and the momentous moment, justice. Ready to get shooting your just engaged selfie? Be inspired by these real life ring selfies.

Now your engagement selfie has been snapped and shared with the world, it’s time to ease yourself into wedding planning. Stay indoors this weekend, snuggle up with your partner and watch the films that will get you in wedding planning mode.

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