#TinderWedding – Tinder themed weddings!

Since Tinder first hit our smartphones back in 2012, it’s seen hundreds of thousands of couples matched around the world. And while it’s safe to say that not all of these matches have resulted in fairy-tale endings, there are a growing number of serious relationships that can trace their roots back to a Tinder introduction. As @mashable says “Tinder weddings, and even Tinder babies, are most definitely already A Thing.”

Although some couples try to hide the digital beginnings of their relationship, more and more are opting to celebrate the app that brought them together. Surprising though it may seem, Tinder themed weddings are on the rise. From the décor to the entertainment, brides and grooms to be are taking inspiration from the dating platform and giving their nuptials a real 21st-century makeover.


If you’ve decided to opt for a Tinder themed wedding, you might as well start as you mean to go on and give your invitations the Tinder treatment. Some couples design their invitations to resemble the layout of the app itself, asking guests to ‘swipe right’ to accept and ‘swipe left’ to decline the invitation. Others simply use text that refers to the way they met, with phrases like ‘Love at First Swipe’ now common on Tinder-themed invites.

Telling your Tinder story

A lot of couples use photo displays to tell guests a little more about how they met and how their story developed. If you and your partner matched on Tinder, why not format the display to look like a Tinder profile? If you’re feeling brave, you could even include some of the more family-friendly messages that you exchanged in the early days of your relationship. Although this may be lost on some less tech-savvy members of your family, it’s a great way to personalise your décor and share something of your romance with the world.

Wedding favours

Add a little humour to your Tinder themed wedding favours by giving guests personalised matchboxes. These boxes could feature photos of yourself and your partner together with the text ‘It’s a Match!’. A great way to remind your guests of how you met, and an affordable way to thank them for their attendance, personalised matchboxes are guaranteed to raise a smile.


Get your guests in the Tinder mood by creating a Tinder themed frame for them to pose in. You could set this up in the corner of your venue and provide a camera on self-timer for guests to use. Encourage as many of your friends and family as possible to pose in your Tinder frame and then print the photos out to make a memorable addition to your main album.

Whether you met on Tinder, through friends, at work or anywhere else, telling your story is incredibly important when it comes to your wedding. Find out more about personalisation and decoration by taking a look through the info on our site.

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