Wedding flowers for summer: This season’s top picks

Flowers play an important role in weddings of all shapes, sizes and styles. Fresh flowers add colour and texture, consolidate the wider wedding theme, and effectively make your big day feel extra special thanks to their beauty, elegance and style.

Arrangements can be found in every area, from the simple scattering of petals down the aisle and single stem on the groom’s lapel to more elaborate bouquet and centrepiece designs. But, with the sheer choice of flowers available, selecting the right varieties to express the right meanings and deliver those dream designs isn’t easy.

For couples tying the knot from June to September, the choice of flowers becomes even more wide ranging. Here, we offer our rundown of the summer season’s top flowers to make the selection process straightforward and not to mention super stylish.


Similar in appearance to wedding favourite peony, ranunculus has become a top choice for spring, summer and autumn brides and grooms this year. Unlike the peony, it’s budget friendly – but that doesn’t mean your choice of colour and size is limited.

You’ll find ranunculus in every shade, from hot pink and bright orange, to deep red and subtler creams and whites. Ranunculus is great for creating striking floral displays and pairs nicely with a variety of other flowers, particularly roses.


You can never go wrong with choosing roses as the star of your floral arrangements. Roses are great for playing out one of the biggest bouquet trends of this year. The single bloom is becoming a popular option for brides. Whether you’re looking for simplicity or elegance, a single bloom of roses is as original as it gets.


Timeless and exotic, orchids create a refined look that’s popular for bouquets this year. This flower variety isn’t reserved for destination and coastal weddings however. In 2019, orchids are one of the flowers being used to add the halo effect to bridal ensembles.

Here, Wedding Ideas reveals more:

“There’s a trend for boho brides choosing big, bright, bold flower crowns or woodland-themed foliage crowns in place of the traditional tiara. Beautiful flower halos can be crafted to suit every style of wedding, from simple and sophisticated to quirky and chic and match with the wedding flowers. If you’re going for this look, it’s important to choose the hardiest blooms that won’t wilt easily – orchids, freesias and spray roses are all safe options.”


Dramatic arrangements reign supreme on the summer wedding scene, and we can’t think of a better flower variety to deliver a statement. With their round petals, dahlias offer drama and an air of sophistication – especially when paired with loose greenery. The colour choices available also make dahlias a top pick, with both vibrant and subtle shades available.


The carnation’s frilly petals and range of colours may be instantly recognisable but they’re not generally the first choice for weddings. Often referred to as a filler flower, the carnation is making a comeback as the main act this year. Thanks to their all year round blooms, they’re becoming the perfect choice for every wedding date, including summer and winter celebrations.


Once reserved for arty terrarium displays, succulents are now a quirky trend of 2019. The rise of more rustic floral arrangements that embrace greenery is no secret. It’s been a popular option for the past few years for marrying couples.

Arrangements that use succulent however offer something altogether different, whether using them in your bouquet or as centrepieces and backdrops.

Succulents consolidate trendy and modern designs. They’re also available in a variety of colours and styles. Succulents are the perfect flower choice for outdoor weddings courtesy of their robustness and easy maintenance.

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