What do your wedding flowers say about you?

Flowers are often used everywhere at a wedding, from bridal bouquets and buttonholes to petal confetti and table arrangements. Great floral design makes a dramatic statement that will impress your guests and make your wedding photos look amazing. Your wedding flowers are more than just a preferred style or favourite colour choice. Flowers are a form of expression as well as an element of design, so the question is – what do your wedding flowers say about you?

Wedding bouquet

We explore the meaning behind the wedding scene’s most popular blooms so you can make the statement you want to make on your special day.

Calla Lilies

Brides looking to stand out from the crowd on their wedding day should incorporate Calla Lilies into their bouquets and arrangements. This bloom is always a popular option for brides, mainly due to its eye-catching beauty and sturdiness; they’re an ideal choice for bridal bouquets.

The meaning behind the Calla Lily is similar to that of the most popular wedding gown colour, representing purity and innocence just like your white wedding dress.


Available in all manner of colours, Chrysanthemums are vibrant, versatile and guaranteed to complement any wedding theme and scheme. Unbeknownst to many, this flower choice is also the secret to a happy marriage, representing joy, optimism, fidelity and long life.


With wilder bouquets the hottest wedding flower trend in recent years, hardier blooms are making a comeback. Heather is one such wild flower found in the most on-trend bridal bouquets, with its stunning look and beautiful scent just two of the reasons for its popularity. Just like its flower, heather represents beauty and admiration, whilst white heather also symbolises protection and fulfilled wishes.


A popular choice with classic romantics, the rose is still one of the top wedding flowers and has been for decades. The rose symbolises love, which is perfect for affection-filled wedding ceremonies and receptions.

The rose carries further meaning based on its colour. Red roses, for example, represent desire. White roses symbolise purity and innocence, and pink roses denote gratitude and joy. A yellow rose represents friendship and caring, two vital ingredients of a happy marriage, whilst orange roses symbolise passion and energy.


From one popular wedding flower to another, the peony is the perfect bloom for several occasions, including your wedding day. In their rundown of the most popular wedding flowers of 2019, Shutterfly explains the power of the Peony:

“Perfect for a spring or summer wedding, the lush and fragrant peony provides a romantic look. With big delicate blossoming petals, peonies work great paired in a bouquet with other cream colored flowers and eucalyptus. Peonies are traditionally pink, white or red, but you can also find them in shades of coral, mahogany and yellow.”

The Peony’s meaning is just as fitting as its look and smell, representing good health, prosperity, a happy life and a happy marriage – what more do you need?

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