How to make a wedding inspiration board

The date is set, your other half has finally agreed that you can start planning your special day… now where was that amazing floral bouquet you found 3 months ago? It must be in that stack of bridal magazines – it’s just a case of finding which one! Let’s not get stressed at the first hurdle.

With a wedding inspiration board, you can put all your ideas together in one place, allowing you to visualise every tiny detail. From online boards like Pinterest, to specialist apps like Bride Story, there are ways you can create your wedding table plans and access them at the touch of a button.

There are lots of different ways to collate your ideas and colour schemes, but putting your own pin board together is just so special. We’re going to talk you through how to create a truly inspiring board of your very own.

Bringing everything together

Even if you’re hiring a wedding planner, it’s always a good idea to put some visuals together of what your dream wedding looks like. This enables a planner to get an insight into you as a couple, and the types of things you like.

If that luxury isn’t an option for you, a wedding inspiration board will help pull together colour schemes, stationary and even fonts you like. Putting them all in one place means that if you add the ‘perfect’ wedding cake, you can clearly see whether it actually fits into your overall wedding theme or not.

Also, like @NewBeginningsMK said, ‘Bring your inspiration board along to your appointment’ when you shop for a dress. This means that when it comes to choosing your wedding dress, you can make sure it truly fits into the theme of your wedding.

How to get started

It may sound strange, but don’t dive straight in with the pictures. The first thing you need to note down is the season you’re going to be married in, what you both enjoy doing, what makes you happy, and how you want to remember your day.

Then, you should aim to decide on some words and phrases that you want your wedding to be centred around. This will make things a lot easier when it comes to the decision process. For example, if you both love the seaside, you may want to include some shell decorations on your favours.

Less is more

Once you’ve started putting together some images on your inspiration board, you need to remember that this isn’t somewhere to include every tiny detail for your wedding. It’s just something that you will turn to for extra guidance when you’re making those all-important decisions.

Be sure to include lots of colour as well. These can be specific, or a broader colour palette to include different shades. Texture is another thing to think about. Why not add some lace from your local haberdashery, combined with some fabric swatches for your tablecloths? Let your imagination run wild!

Including pictures of the venue itself is also important when collating your wedding inspiration board. You can request a brochure on our website to help you gather some ideas to add to your collection.

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