Planning the perfect pre-wedding slumber party

Planning the perfect pre-wedding slumber party

What to do the night before the wedding day is one thing every bride and groom will research as their big day draws near. For brides, letting loose the night before can settle wedding nerves, and the perfect way to do that has to be with a pre-wedding slumber party. All the celebrities are doing them. Although you don’t have to go as far as Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin did with their extravagant sleepover.

As well as providing some much-needed relaxation, pre-wedding slumber parties are an excellent way to spend some quality time with the rest of your bridal party. Your bridesmaids are certain to have been a vital source of support during those weeks and months of wedding planning. A slumber party is a great way to say “thank you” before all eyes are on you on your wedding day.

Whilst we don’t want to add to your pre-wedding to-do list, enjoying a great slumber party does take a little bit of planning. You can make planning the perfect pre-wedding sleepover easy however with this essential guide.

Choose the right location

Why not go one better than hosting your pre-wedding slumber party at home by hosting it at your wedding venue? Here at Country House Weddings, we have the accommodation you need to make a weekend of it. Two-day weddings are one wedding trend that’s growing in popularity with marrying couples in the UK, and we don’t blame them for wanting to keep the party going.

Our night before packages are perfect for brides and grooms looking to start wedding celebrations a little earlier. Our venues provide luxury accommodation for pre-wedding slumber parties, giving couples the stress-free luxury of waking up at the venue on the morning of their big day!

Make an occasion of it

The countdown to the average wedding involves a number of celebrations and rituals, so why not add to this by making an occasion of your pre-wedding slumber party? Invest in some matching robes and other personalised accessories to give you and your bridesmaids a treat. You can even use these accessories on your wedding morning, it’ll make for some great photos.

Pamper yourself silly

Any big night in wouldn’t be complete without a few face masks. Your pre-wedding sleepover is the perfect opportunity to fit in some much-deserved pampering. Stock up on beauty treatments and apply them together, you’ll all feel like a million dollars on the wedding day itself. Want to take your pamper session up a notch? Invite a massage therapist over as Brides suggests:

“In-home massage is not just for the Kardashians. In fact, do a search for local travelling massage therapists, and you’ll find their rates comparable (and sometimes even more affordable) than those at your favourite spas. The best part: You can relax in your own home, and when the massage is over you can head straight to bed instead of tensing up again on the drive home.”

Discover more pre-wedding relaxation and pampering ideas to add to your slumber party itinerary right here.

Do what you love

If you’re a film buff, enjoy a movie marathon during your pre-wedding slumber party. If music is more your thing, have a boogie with your bridesmaids to let off some steam before your big day. When planning your slumber party, remember, it’s all about you!

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