Should I buy a wedding dress online?

Conquering what seems like a never-ending to-do list is a mountain every bride and groom planning their wedding day has to climb. But with every wedding essential available at the touch of a button, couples have never been better positioned to plan the big days of their dreams.

The internet offers an endless source of inspiration for your wedding. It also provides easy access to everything you need to turn this vision into a reality. But should your online shopping trip include finding and purchasing your wedding dress?

There are many advantages and disadvantages to shopping online for your wedding dress. Positives include having a greater range of designs to choose from, being able to shop from the comfort of your own home (or from anywhere for that matter), and finding dresses that suit your exact budget. There are several downsides to shopping online for this very important purchase however.

Shopping online may be a great timesaver, but not being able to try your wedding dress before you purchase it can lead to one thing – dress regret. The quality, finer details, and cut of your wedding dress also can’t be appreciated properly via the screen of your smartphone or laptop.

With the right advice, it is possible to embrace the advantages of shopping online and find your dream wedding gown. Here we share the dos and don’ts of buying your wedding gown on the World Wide Web.

Don’t buy from just anyone

Shopping with a reputable boutique or designer is the key to making online wedding dress shopping work for you. For every reputable outlet however, there are a legion of websites that will take your money and leave you with a wedding dress disaster.

This rundown from Glamour offers a who’s who of reputable online wedding dress destinations, with Karen Walker, BHLDN, Fame & Partners, and Floravere just some of the respectable brands topping the list.

Do know your measurements

Whilst the bridal boutique or designer you shop with in person will be charged with obtaining your measurements and making the dress accordingly, with online shopping, you’re on your own.

Make sure you know your measurements before you begin browsing online. You generally need measurements for your bust, waist and hips to ensure the perfect fit.

Almost every bridal gown needs altering as the wedding date approaches. Getting the measurements right however will minimise the amount of alterations needed and keep costs down.

Don’t skip the heavy reading

Don’t shop using images alone. Before you commit to your online purchase, make sure you research the product and provider fully, not forgetting to read the product description thoroughly to guarantee you’re getting exactly what you pay for.

Dress descriptions from reputable online bridal boutiques and designers can be rather technical. They are designed to provide a clear insight into the gown’s fabric, lining, fit and even the design process used to make it. Read the description carefully, busting any jargon you encounter as you go.

Your research should also include getting to know the online store’s policies. Shipping costs, delivery times and returns information should be reviewed before you buy.

Do make it a moment!

Finding and purchasing a wedding gown is a huge moment and should be celebrated. Weddingbee details how to make online wedding dress shopping just as fun as doing it in person:

“Part of the wedding planning experience is spending a few hours at the bridal shop while your squad sips some celebratory bubbly and you get to sample exquisite dresses, but just because you’re shopping online doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this moment. Have a viewing party at your home, instead! You can even ask your bridesmaids to bring their dresses to try on, too.”

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