Giving your bride a break from wedding planning

With InStyle recently reporting that a staggering 96% of engaged couples or newlyweds found wedding planning particularly stressful, it’s safe to say that planning the biggest, most exciting day of your life takes it out of you.

Handling wedding planning stress, however, isn’t something brides should face alone…

Being a supportive groom-to-be certainly matters, and will be thoroughly appreciated by your bride in the weeks and months before you say, “I do.”

There are many things you can do to take the pressure off your fiancée. Here are just a few ways to give your bride a well-deserved break from the very important business of wedding planning.

Recognise the signs of planning stress

Wedding planning stress affects each individual in varying ways, a fact that can make spotting the signs of a frazzled bride particularly difficult.

Wedding planning is a huge and expensive undertaking so it’s no wonder emotions run high in the run up to the big day.

If your bride isn’t having as much fun planning the wedding as she used to, is procrastinating on important tasks (not just to do with the wedding but in everyday life), second guessing herself, or becoming something of a bridezilla then it may be time to step in and lighten the load.

Wedding planning stresses may even seep into your relationship too as Confetti details:

“If you find yourselves arguing more than normal it’s time to look at how the wedding planning is affecting you both. It should be an enjoyable time and while heated discussions over which cousin to invite may pop up, it shouldn’t be constant.

If you notice your partner is getting easily frustrated and this leads to an argument it’s time to take a step back from the planning and do something more relaxing together.”

Make every day a little easier

If your partner usually takes on the lion’s share of the everyday chores, give her a break so she can concentrate on wedding planning without daily stresses getting in the way.

A simple act of cooking dinner or helping with the dishes can be an easy way to offer some light relief to an overburdened bride-to-be.

Encourage her to try something new

For all the excitement wedding planning brings, ticking off those wedding-related tasks can become monotonous as the months wear on.

By encouraging your bride to experiment in other areas of her life, you can help to keep that passion burning for wedding planning.

This can be anything from buying her a book she’ll love to giving her the heads-up on a new workout class you think she’d enjoy.

Share the burden of wedding planning

These days an increasing number of grooms are taking more active roles in wedding planning. By making wedding planning more of a joint effort, you can share the burden with your bride as well as have vital input into your special day.

Take a day off together

As we mentioned earlier, unmanaged wedding planning stress can really take its toll on your relationship.

When things do get too much for your bride, suggest taking a day off from wedding planning to spend some quality time together.

Whether you spend that watching a movie, getting your arts and crafts on, or treating your bride to a massage or at-home bridal beauty treatment, your time together can really remind you what wedding planning is all about – the both of you.

You’ll find more ideas on how to enjoy feeling engaged together right here.


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