How to enjoy feeling engaged together

Your engagement news is certain to be something you want to share with the world, but enjoying this magical milestone should also be done together. It is after all, just the two of you who’ll marry in the coming months and make that commitment to each other.

Before the very important business of wedding planning begins, making some time for your soon-to-be husband or wife and enjoying that just engaged feeling together is a must. In this blog post, we reveal the top ways to do just that…

Enjoy more date nights

Indulging in more date nights is one thing many couples strive to do. Our hectic lifestyles tend to get in the way, with romance being brushed aside in favour of more mundane tasks more often than we want to admit. Becoming engaged however is the perfect excuse to up the romance once more.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on date nights, which will be welcome news as you begin to balance your wedding budget. Thinking outside of the box is the key to unique date nights that don’t break the bank. Here are 50 creative date night ideas to get you started.

Go on an engagement holiday

Who says you have to wait until your honeymoon to enjoy some quality time together somewhere warm and sunny?

Your engagement should be celebrated in style and enjoying a mini-break together is the perfect way to do that. Whether it’s a tropical paradise that’s calling you or a nearby B&B, having some time away from your regular lives will help you absorb and celebrate your newly engaged status. You could even fit in some pre-wedding pampering by booking into a spa.

Stay in together

You don’t have to do anything fancy to mark this milestone, instead stay where you feel most comfortable – at home. Your engagement may be the time to share your news with the world, but it’s also about keeping the world out in many respects as Brides details:

“Don’t just hop back into the normal routine of work, dinner, TV, bed, work, dinner, TV, bed. Make it a special, sexy week, just the two of you. Be cozy at home, talking about your past, your present and your future together. Pop open a Veuve or two. Have lots and lots of rambunctious and free-flowing newly-engaged sex — does it feel any different now that you’ll be a forever couple? Make it a sexy week to remember.”

If you can’t spare any entire week as Brides suggests due to work or family commitments, cocooning yourself indoors for just one night will provide a welcome retreat at the start of a brand new, exciting chapter. Cook your favourite meal, light a few candles, and pop a bottle of bubbly to enjoy some time together as a couple before the madness of wedding planning truly begins.

Throw an engagement party

From small gatherings to more formal affairs, engagement parties come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Each should be as unique as the couple, a fact that makes it an excellent way to celebrate your engagement together and with those closest to you.

Hosting an engagement party is also great practice for wedding planning and provides a fun way to introduce the people who will make your big day the magical occasion it should be.

Pose for an engagement shoot

Marking this momentous occasion is a must, and what better way to capture your memories than with an engagement shoot? Whilst it won’t strictly be just the two of you, a professional photoshoot will catch that just engaged glow that all couples sport in the weeks after that all-important question is popped.

As well as using the imagery to create an engagement album that you can look back on for years to come, photos of the pair of you can be used across your wedding website, save the dates and engagement announcements.

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