Top first dance songs for same-sex couples

The first dance is an iconic wedding tradition and one that many couples choose to kick-start their reception festivities with.

Whilst many people claim that the origins of the first dance can be traced back to the caveman days – when a man would steal his bride and parade his ‘catch’ in front of the rest of the community – historically, it is said to have originated in Europe more than 400 years ago. Here Rustic and Main explains more:

“The tradition of a first dance goes back to 17th-century Europe. This was a time in which formal balls were popular, and it was customary for a guest of honour (typically the person of the highest social standing in attendance) to lead the first dance. If there was a member of the royal family present, for example, they would almost certainly have the first dance.”

On the modern-day wedding scene, the first dance remains a rite of passage for newlyweds, a fact that makes selecting a suitable tune to dance too particularly important. There are countless love songs that may be suitable for the average couple, but with gender labels featuring heavily across many of these tracks, they may not prove the right fit for a same-sex couple.

In this blog post, we reveal the top first dance songs for LGBTQ+ newlyweds.

Stay With Me by Sam Smith

Don’t let the sad backstory of this love story deter you from picking it as your first dance song. Soulful, sweet and so much more than a love song, Stay With Me offers a beautiful introduction to married life and cements that feeling of long-lasting love that we all crave.

If Only You Knew by Patti Labelle

An oldie but goodie sang by life-long LGBTQ+ icon and supporter Patti Labelle, If Only You Knew is a stunning song complete with gender-neutral lyrics that say all you want to say to your new husband or wife.

I Still Love You by Jennifer Hudson

I Still Love You was written specifically for the LGBTQ+ community in support of marriage equality. The anthem has a thoughtful video, upbeat tune, meaningful lyrics and a truly empowering message, all of which are guaranteed to get everyone on their feet when they join you on the dancefloor.

Love is Love by Culture Club

Love is Love hits that sweet spot in so many ways courtesy of its soulful melody and simple but meaningful lyrics. It’s perfect for a slow dance and is a classic that celebrates the universal nature of love in the most wonderful way.

Better Together by Jack Johnson

Calming, uplifting and utterly romantic, Better Together is a popular first dance song, and for good reason. It’s certain to put a smile on your faces, and the faces of your guests, and it’s really fun to dance to!

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

A modern classic that’s popular with couples, A Thousand Years by Christina Perri is all about romance. In fact, the dreamy song will make you feel like you’re the only two people in the room.

Superpower by Beyoncé feat. Frank Ocean

Love is the greatest superpower of them all, so what better way to serenade each other and pay homage to your new status as a married couple or civil partners than with this slow jam from Beyoncé and Frank Ocean.

The song features two of the smoothest and most beautiful voices in the R&B world both singing about everlasting love, what’s more fitting than that?

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