6 ways to show your LGBTQ+ pride at your wedding


The timeline for marriage equality in the UK is complicated, to say the least. But thanks to the introduction of the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill, the UK is now leading the way in same-sex marriages and civil partnerships, and that’s well worth celebrating.

With this in mind, showing LGBTQ+ pride is one thing many same-sex couples want to do on their wedding days. Here are seven ideas to help you do just that…

1. A bolder, brighter take on wedding florals

The huge varieties of flowers available make infusing your wedding décor with pride super easy and exceedingly colourful. Go bold and bright when choosing your wedding flowers to recreate that rainbow flag in the most wonderful way.

Alternatively, your wedding flower palette can be muted, with blooms in several pastel shades providing a stunning colour combination for same-sex weddings and a fitting tribute to the LGBTQ+ community. Whether going bright or muted, the rainbow theme looks great across bouquets, buttonholes, table centrepieces, and aisle displays.

2. A wedding cake with a colourful secret

Your wedding cake can be personalised with pride too. Many same-sex couples choose to reinvent the traditional wedding cake with their sponge selection. Here 123WeddingCards explains how:

“To add a twist to your elegant wedding celebration, you can choose a cake with hidden colours. This rainbow cake will come with pastel frosting to appear as an elegant wedding cake. Once cut, the unwinding of hidden colours will add a spark to your wedding celebrations.”

3. Fly the flag with pride

The pride flag is now iconic, and so proudly flies across many LGBTQ+ events and celebrations, so why should your wedding be any different?

There are many subtle and more obvious ways to incorporate the pride flag into your wedding ceremony and reception, from a full-scale pride parade to miniature pride flags on your wedding tables.

4. Accessorise your big day ensemble

With LGBTQ+ pride important to so many people, it’s no surprise that the number of rainbow accessories available is growing. There are now tons of pride inspired accessories on the market, many of which are designed with same-sex weddings in mind.

Rock a rainbow garter, cufflink set, shoes, waistcoat, pocket square, or buttonhole to accessorise your wedding ensemble to perfection.

5. Pin your pronouns to up the inclusivity

Pronoun pins can be used to increase the inclusivity of your wedding day, whether you’re a same-sex couple or not. People of all ages are recognising the importance of pronouns in modern society.

By offering pins to your guests, you can promote the use of pronouns, maintain an inclusive environment, and help people to avoid assumptions so everyone can enjoy a happy, harmonious day.

6. Show your pride more subtly

If rainbow flags and floral schemes don’t complement the wedding colours you had in mind, there are many other routes to explore to show your pride more subtly.

Lacing your wedding vows with the words of an LGBTQ+ writer or poet, incorporating a double aisle so you can both walk down the aisle with your parents at the same time, including LGBTQ+ artists on your wedding playlist, or encouraging guests to donate to an LGBTQ+ organisation instead of giving wedding gifts are all great options for demonstrating what being LGBTQ+ means to you.

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