How to create your very own wedding monogram

Personalisation is always big news on the wedding scene. From your wedding décor and attire to your flowers, centrepieces and favours, adding those personal details that make every aspect of your special day yours can deliver some rather memorable results.

Your save the dates and wedding invitations should be customised with the same flourishes, and what better way to add a personal touch than with your own wedding monogram?

Monogramming is a popular technique that’s called upon by the marrying couples of today. Those delicate fonts and shapely letters offer the perfect way to demonstrate your union through your and your partner’s intricately intertwined initials. The use of monograms can be traced back many centuries; we’ll let Connect2Local explain more about their origins:

“Monograms were first used in the 6th century when they appeared on coins as a means of signifying their origins. This allowed rulers to verify the money’s authenticity. It wasn’t until 200 years later when monograms became a symbol of power. Commonly used for royalty and in military applications, the iconic initials were meant to represent rulers’ authority over an area that had been conquered.“

Monograms have a long history, especially in the upper-class families of Britain and Europe, but they certainly aren’t reserved for royalty. Here’s how to create your own unique monogram…

Define your wedding style

Your monogram will no doubt become one of those timeless touches you’ll always fondly look back on and you may even want to continue using your monogram long after your big day. Your monogram however should complement your wedding theme and colour scheme just like any other detail.

Whether you’re opting for a formal, ultra-classic wedding or a casual, rustic affair, your wedding monogram should channel this style to perfection.

Experiment with letters and fonts

There are many options when creating your wedding monogram. You may want to combine the initials of your first names to create your design or use the initial of your new married name as the main focal point of your monogram.

Explore all your options, using the type and font sizes you prefer to see which combination works best.

Keep things simple and sophisticated

One thing every monogram should be, regardless of your wedding theme or colour scheme, is elegant. Going back to basics is the key to successful monogramming, despite the intricacy of the type you choose.

When experimenting with your monogram design, don’t incorporate too many elements and details. You should also limit your colour palette to just two or three shades to continue the classic look and theme monograms are known and loved for.

Remember, there’s an app for that!

With wedding monograms as popular as ever, you won’t be surprised to hear that you can create your monogram design in just a few clicks with the right app.

There are several online monogram makers available, many of which are free to use. Each tool offers a range of great features that enable you to customise your monogram and make something extra special and utterly unique for your wedding day.

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