How soon is too soon to get engaged?

Getting engaged is a huge milestone for any couple. Whether you’ve been together forever or it’s been a whirlwind, taking the leap into engagement is a step toward making your relationship as official as it can be.

Everyone’s journey is different, with couples being together for varying amounts of time before making this commitment, but how much time should you spend dating before popping the question?

Three seems to be the magic number

Whilst there’s no exact science to how long you should date before becoming engaged, there’s one figure that seems to pop up rather frequently when discussing this very matter. We’ll let Brides explain more about why dating for three years before popping the question is better than one statistically:

“One study published by researchers at Emory University in Atlanta found that couples who’d been together at least three years before they got engaged were 39 per cent less likely to get divorced than couples who got engaged within the first year of dating. Clearly, time is on a couple’s side when it comes to the longevity of their marriage, but experts agree, there’s more to a happy marriage than just years spent side-by-side.”

Other research says that a shorter time period is all you need to identify whether you’ve found the one for you. This study found that you need just one year, eight months and three days to be ready for engagement with the right person.

Time isn’t the only factor

Spending time getting to know one another’s quirks is of course important, but it’s not the only factor that will help you enjoy a strong, long-lasting marriage long after you’ve said those “I dos”.

How you manage conflict within your relationship is a big deciding factor, and so too are the values and interests you share as a couple. Having complementary financial ambitions and a healthy sex life are other vital aspects that will help you maintain a happy marriage.

Striking the right balance between your work and family life, whether you intend to bring children into the mix or not a little later down the line, will also help you build the foundations every married couple needs to go the distance.

Are you ready to get engaged?

There are quite a few tell-tale signs that say you’re ready for engagement and marriage. If you’re in a position where you live a full life that’s enriched by the presence of your partner, and you’re not wondering whether the grass is greener elsewhere, this is a strong indicator that you may be ready to take your relationship to the next level.

Being with a partner that accepts you for who you are and brings out the best in you, and vice versa, is another sign that you’ve found a person you could be engaged to and eventually marry. The ability to talk about anything with your partner, cheer each other on whatever the endeavour, and be willing to compromise to keep your relationship healthy are all important for couples preparing for engagement.

Sharing similar values, whether that’s on the subject of family, finances or your sex life, is another must for couples looking to dive deeper into their relationship with engagement.

Do you and your partner tick all the boxes mentioned above? Then it’s time to prepare for that big moment! Read our essential proposal planning guide right here.

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