Great date nights for newlywed couples

If you tied the knot during summer, you’ll be facing the prospect of getting back to reality, which can be a real shocker after the chaos of wedding planning, the joy of your big day and, of course, that long-awaited and much-needed honeymoon. Keeping those good times flowing after you’ve said “I do” is the key to starting married life on the right foot.

Here we share the date night ideas to keep things fun and romantic – without breaking the bank!

The romantic road trip

Taking a trip down memory lane can consolidate your new relationship status post-wedding. Indulge in a road trip this autumn, planning your route around your romantic hotspots. You could drive by the place you met, shared your first kiss, and enjoyed your first date, or even the spot where you got engaged.

Get creative in the kitchen

Break up the monotony of meal times by making dinner together. Cooking together can be just as fun as dining out, plus it’s a whole lot cheaper. You could even bring the restaurant experience to your home as LovePanky explains:

“We all have our individual taste buds, and it will be a great planned breakfast, lunch or dinner if you can both contribute what you want to prepare and eat. He might like a salad or soup to be included while you would also like to make a refrigerator dessert. Be creative, and make sure that both of your taste buds have been considered or you have both at least agreed and compromised on the items in your menu.”

There are tons of romantic dinner ideas to explore. Alternatively, you can skip the fancy meals and get messy with your own pizza-making session.

Dine alfresco together

Before the weather gets too cold, dine alfresco in the garden together. Early autumn is the perfect time to wrap up warm and head outdoors. You can even decorate your garden space with romantic lanterns, sparkling string lighting, and candles to really set the scene.

A good, old-fashioned movie night

Switch off your phones, stock up on your favourite snacks, and indulge in a good, old-fashioned movie marathon. Pick a flick that means something to you both or represents a special moment in your relationship journey so far, and enjoy!

Learn together, stay together

There are lots of classes that you can take to learn a brand new skill and enjoy a different way to date. From life drawing and dancing to cooking, yoga, and learning a foreign language, find out what’s on in your area and learn something new together.

Some big belly laughs

Enjoy some light-hearted fun on date night by heading to a local comedy gig. Whether the comedian is good or not, you’re certain to have a few big belly laughs along the way!

Perfect for those lazy days

You don’t have to leave your house to enjoy some quality time together. If you both love to read, start your very own book club and share your favourite titles. It’s the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday as well as get to know more about your new husband or wife through their literary tastes.

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