Our top tips for planning your winter wedding menu

Here at Country House Weddings, we take great pride in the wedding menu options we provide to all our couples, with fresh, seasonal, delicious fare all a part of our offering. Complementing the occasion with a wedding menu that’s as carefully planned as the rest of your big day is, after all, a must.

The first meal you serve as a married couple is one of the most important aspects of the entire day. Your menu is a great way to continue your chosen wedding theme as well as provide the essential fuel you and your guests need to dance the night away. A great wedding menu is also expected by wedding guests as Wedding Monkey explains:

“Wedding trends have confirmed that guests care a lot about the food they eat. If the food is not good, you should expect to hear your guests grumble. But if the quality of the food is impeccable, they will undoubtedly remember. Preparing food for a wedding is not just about feeding your guests; it is about hosting them. Weddings, like any other event, are all about hospitality. And sharing good food and eating together is what hospitality is about.”

So, what’s the secret to winter wedding menu planning? In this blog post, we answer that very question!

Choose dishes that use seasonal, locally sourced ingredients

Your wedding menu shouldn’t just suit the occasion, it should complement the season. By going seasonal and locally sourced with your menu, you can unlock a long list of advantages. Locally sourced, seasonal ingredients taste better and support local communities amongst other benefits.

Take advice from the experts at your venue

Leaving wedding menu planning to the experts is certainly recommended. As professionals in wedding catering, your menu will be in the best hands and it’ll give you one less thing to think about during the wedding planning process.

The chefs and catering specialists at all our venues have the experience and knowledge you need to provide wedding breakfast options that excite and inspire you and your guests. When couples book their wedding day with us, they’ll receive the available menu options, each of which promises fresh, delicious and elegant dishes that are made for weddings.

Try before you choose your dishes

Whilst, like many wedding venues, we don’t offer food tastings, our Dinner Date events provide the perfect opportunity to sample our wedding breakfast dishes and experience our top-rated service for yourself.

We host Dinner Date events throughout the year allowing couples, and the lucky family members and friends that accompany them, to visit the venue and enjoy a delicious three-course dinner. All the dishes featured on our Dinner Date menus have been specially selected from our wedding menus by our chefs. There are usually five options to choose from for your starter, main and dessert.

You can also make a night of it, whether you attend with your partner on one of your date nights or treat your loved ones too, with overnight accommodation available.

Select your menu in plenty of time

As a rule of thumb, we need the couple’s menu choices for all their guests at least 30 days before their wedding date.

You can choose one option for meat eaters, one option for vegetarians or vegans, and one option for your younger guests from our carefully curated range of stunning starters and mains, along with two desserts. Additional dietary requirements and food intolerances can also be catered for by our chefs.

Ready to get started with winter wedding menu planning? Browse our wedding venues today to choose the perfect place to say “I do” and look forward to a delicious wedding breakfast, a picturesque location and much, much more.

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