What will your #weddinghashtag be?

Hosting a wedding in today’s digital age can be a real minefield. While many of the wedding trends of late revolve around going ‘unplugged’ in the quest for big-day perfection, social media-savvy brides and grooms may want to take a different tact for 2023. In fact, crafting a wedding hashtag that’s unique to your event is a task that’s up there with creating your own monogram!

Here we explore the use of wedding hashtags, their advantages and disadvantages, and the fun ways to share them with guests on the day and in advance.

What is a wedding hashtag?

Put simply, a wedding hashtag is like any other social media hashtag you use on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok. The only difference being that it’s a word or phrase that signifies your big day and is personal to the occasion.

Wedding hashtags can be created and shared on the day itself to collate all the images captured by your guests and create a social album that you can look back on for a lifetime.

Why create a wedding hashtag?

In addition to offering a quick and easy way to gather all the images associated with your nuptials, creating and using a hashtag is a personal touch that’ll bring your wedding firmly into the 21st Century!

Your wedding hashtag could also prove useful in the run-up to your wedding day, with the images taken at your engagement party and hen or stag celebrations able to be grouped with ease.

Should I use a hashtag generator?

Wedding hashtag generators, like this one from Shutterfly, provide a personalised hashtag at the click of a button. If you crave something truly unique, however, you’ll want to explore your options as The Inspired Bride recommends:

“While they are free and convenient to use, they primarily churn out very generic options… A wedding hashtag generator is no replacement for human creativity. Plus, what the generator creates, you and your partner likely could have thought of yourselves. If you want the real deal with a wedding hashtag that will impress you and your guests, it’s worth seeking out a professional writer.”

How can I create my own hashtag?

It is important to remember there is no one better qualified than you to create a unique slogan that sums up your relationship. Whether going for a witty, punny, funny or classic wedding hashtag, devising one together – preferably over a glass of wine! – is a fantastic experience.

When creating your own wedding hashtag, start by noting random words that reflect your personalities, names, wedding date, wedding venue or location, wedding theme, or fondest relationship memories (i.e. your first date or location of your first kiss). From here, you can build a hashtag that you’ll be proud to call your own.

Where do I start when sharing it with my guests?

As wedding hashtags become increasingly popular, there’s more inspiration than ever on how to use and share them with guests. Your hashtag could be incorporated into your wedding décor on your signage, table numbers and menus, or as a beautifully designed wall decal. It could also be displayed in your guest book, on wedding favours, across wedding stationery, and via your wedding website.

If you’re looking to hire a photo booth, your wedding hashtag could even be added to the prints to personalise the experience further!

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