Why delegation is the key to wedding planning success

Delegation is the key to wedding planning.

Learning how to delegate effectively is one skill that can set you up for success in many situations, and it won’t just serve you well in your professional life. Delegating tasks in the run-up to the most important day of your life can unlock many, many rewards, with reduced stress, improved productivity and better time management all going hand-in-hand with delegation.

Mastering the art of letting go, however, isn’t as simple as it sounds. For meticulous brides- and grooms-to-be striking a balance between delegating and maintaining control is crucial. Read on to discover the wedding planning tasks you can (and should) delegate…

After the date has been set

It’s not just designing your save-the-dates and wedding invitations that’ll be time-consuming. You’ll need to place your invites into envelopes, add stamps, arrange their delivery and, of course, track the responses you receive. What better time to start delegating?

Throughout the planning process

There’s always something to deliver or pickup when planning a wedding, whether that’s a dress, suit, decorations, invitations, welcome bags, signage, flowers or even out-of-town wedding guests.

Running these errands can be a major drain on your time and resources. However, with a bit of organisation and help from a reliable friend or relative, you can delegate and stay focused when planning your special day.

In those final weeks and days

For a smooth-running wedding day, you really need to be on the ball during those final days and weeks before your wedding date. Again, a trusted loved one can help, with supplier confirmation, venue setup and any last-minute crafting and assembling all tasks they can assist with.

On the morning of your big day

Let’s face it, you’ll be somewhat preoccupied on the morning of your wedding day. There will be a million and one things to do, which means tasks like assisting your photographer with detail shots will quickly become less of a priority. Having a wedding album without these shots, however, is barely worth thinking about! That’s where delegation will come in handy again.

Choose a creative friend or relative who has an eye for composition, let them know your expectations, and send them your photographer’s way.

During the wedding itself

There are many on-the-day wedding tasks that you can delegate too. In fact, delegating even seemingly insignificant jobs to your big-day VIPs can make all the difference to your enjoyment and relaxation levels. Take getting people to sign your wedding guest book as an example. We’ll let Preoccupied Bride explain more:

“This task may sound small, but if you plan on having a guest book, poster, puzzle or any other items that require signing by your guests at your wedding, assign a friend or family member to take charge of this. It’s sad but true that many types of guest books go unsigned, even if it is displayed well in sight. If you have a dedicated person kindly reminding guests to sign your book, it is more likely to be filled with messages and signatures.”

Helpful bridesmaids and groomsmen can also be on hand to make announcements, usher fellow guests to exactly where they need to be, round up everyone for photographs, and hand out those wedding programs and favours.

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