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Team CHW
July 22nd 2019
How to choose the perfect season for your wedding
Choosing the date for your wedding is very exciting, but before you confirm anything there are many …
Team CHW
July 12th 2019
How much should you spend on an engagement ring
If you have just popped the question to your love, you may now be wondering how much to spend on the…
Team CHW
July 5th 2019
Should I take out ring insurance
When planning a wedding, there are several unexpected costs that you need to account for. Wedding da…
Team CHW
June 14th 2019
Wedding gift registries
Traditionally, a wedding gift list was written out by hand. Desired items might include a dinner set…
Team CHW
May 31st 2019
Your wedding budget: 5 unexpected costs to account for
Whether you’re going for a small, intimate affair or a more elaborate celebration, every wedding p…
Team CHW
May 10th 2019
Would you let your guests pay towards your wedding?
With the average cost of a UK wedding soaring to more than £32,000 in 2018, finding the money to fu…

Weekday weddings

April 20th 2019

What is the best time of the day to get married?

April 12th 2019

What is a wedding celebrant

April 5th 2019

Would you ask your guests to buy your honeymoon?

March 29th 2019

The golden rules of creating an epic ceremony playlist

March 15th 2019

Budgeting for your big day – the dos and don’ts

March 1st 2019
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