How to personalise your ceremony

Bride and groom during wedding ceremony

Are you organising your wedding and wondering how to make your ceremony more ‘you’? Well, there are many ways to make your ceremony and celebrations a strong reflection of who you are and what matters to you.

Personalise your programme  

Your wedding programme may be styled formally and simply, or it can be a fun opportunity to play around with your interests: it can allow you to introduce quirky aspects of your personalities, celebrate your interests, and share information about yourselves and your families.

Brides explains how to personalise your programme with style: “Sprinkling your programs with personal details, like factoids about your VIPs (“Father Don baptized Steven” or “Beth’s mom makes the best pralines west of the Mississippi!”), photos from your engagement shoot, a hand-drawn map illustrating your adventures together—anything that sets the tone for the wedding ahead”.

Shake up your walk down the aisle

Taking the traditional option of having your father walk you down the aisle is a lovely way to start your ceremony, but some brides enjoy shaking up this tradition, by including other important people in their life. You may like to have a cherished friend escort you down the aisle: Kate Winslet was walked down the aisle by her best friend, Leonardo Dicaprio. Other brides even choose to walk down the aisle with their husband-to-be.

Lego bride and groom getting married

Ask a friend to be your officiant

If you’re not planning a religious ceremony, why not ask a friend to be your officiant? This can be a great way to make your ceremony more ‘you’, and is a fun way to make it more entertaining (if you have a charismatic and witty friend who is up for the job). It’s also free to get ordained online through the Universal Life Church, so it would be of no extra cost to your friend.

Go for unique wedding figurines

Your cake toppers can be a great opportunity to express your unique personalities and there are lots of fun, unique designs out there that you can top your wedding cake with. Your cake toppers can stand under a personalised banner, take custom poses, or they can express your interests (you could dress them up in superhero costumes or football colours).

Make a wedding time capsule

We love the idea of creating a wedding time capsule; on the day of your wedding, you and your partner can decide to create a time capsule that includes romantic notes, physical mementos from your relationship (such as film tickets or printed photographs), and special things from your wedding day – such as your champagne cork or your wedding certificate.  The idea is to open your time capsule on a special occasion in the future, such as your 10th wedding anniversary.

From unique cake toppers to a wedding time capsule, there are many wonderful ways that you can personalise your ceremony and make it totally unique to you.

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