Top wedding planning tips for 2017

Wedding planning

Though the fundamentals of wedding planning haven’t changed that much over the years – venues still need to be booked, the music has to be arranged and you have to invite the guests – there are something things that have moved on. For example, more and more wedding planning now happens online. You can use apps to keep track of the planning process and there are whole new elements, like social media and your wedding website, to consider. To help you stay on top of your ‘to do list’ – here are our top tips for wedding planning in 2017.

There’s an app for that

These days, there’s no need to struggle under an endless stack of invoices, purchase orders and calendars, simply pop it all in an app and you can plan your wedding on the go. There are apps for everything – from keeping track of your budget and managing your planning progress to setting up your wedding registry and sharing your photos. Like @TechTimes_News says, “Wedding planning should be fun, not stressful — so declutter, stay on top of your budget and find inspiration by downloading and using the best wedding apps out there.”

Set up a website

Though you’ve probably already sent out invitations packed full of useful info, it’s a good idea to set up a website that contains all of the essential links, addresses, dates and instructions. People are guaranteed to lose their invitations in the months leading up to the wedding and setting up a website will mean you’re not constantly re-sending information, or repeating instructions over the phone. Plus, you can use your wedding website to keep friends and family up to date in case of any changes and as a forum for sharing photos once the day is done.

Wedding ring

Choose the venue quickly

Booking a venue has always been one of the most important parts of planning a wedding. It’s a good idea to find and book a venue as quickly as possible as you’ll need to include the address in your invitation and the size of the venue will have an impact on how many guests you can invite. With current wedding trends leaning towards large weddings held over long weekends, an exclusive use country house could be the perfect choice. Explore our site to find out more.

Get down to the nitty-gritty

Once you’ve booked the venue, set up a website and armed yourself with some apps, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Book your photographer, wedding cake and your music. Arrange your flowers, find your dress and plan the décor. Somewhere in the middle of all that – you’ll need to find time to book the honeymoon too.

By being organised and using all the tools at your disposal, planning your wedding should be fun and relatively stress free. If you want to tick off one of your most important job, take a look at our stunning venues and book the perfect spot for you big day.

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