Rustic wedding colour schemes

Clearwell Castle in Autumn

When thinking up a rustic colour scheme, images of yellow fields, burnt-orange leaves and rich mahogany trees come to mind. A rustic colour scheme compliments an autumnal wedding, and looks gorgeous all year round.

A rustic colour scheme is perfect for a laid back couple who feel at home in a relaxed environment.  Magnet Street succinctly sums up the charm of the rustic colour scheme:

“Forget the frilly details—​your style is unfussy, organic, and wrapped in rustic charm. You adore the worn, rugged textures of burlap and wood grain, and prefer open pastures to urban spaces. Whether you were born and bred in the country or simply love nature, let your passion for earthy elements inspire your wedding day décor.”

Rustic shades

There are a few basic classic rustic shades that feature in a rustic wedding colour scheme. A rustic colour scheme for a wedding typically includes a variety of shades of brown; mahogany, chocolate bronze and copper tones. These bring warmth and an effortless feel to the wedding day; perfect for lovers of the outdoors, or laid back couples who envision a relaxed feel on their big day.

Wine and burgundy are two gorgeous shades, which are often included in a rustic colour schemes. These shades help to bring some colour and style to the warm, earthy look that brown provides. Wine and burgundy flowers often take centre shades in the bridal and bridesmaid bouquets; they also often feature in makeup choices, the bridesmaid dresses, and tie and pocket square choices.

Pale green or rich emerald also tend to feature in a rustic wedding colour scheme, providing a soft contrast to the deep brown and the wine and burgundy hues.

Ballroom in Burgundy

Bring in the outdoor elements

A rustic colour scheme calls for the outdoors to make its mark on your wedding day. Consider incorporating the Autumnal natural elements into your wedding day decor, such as foliage and golden leaves; simple adornments to candleholders, fireplaces and guests’ chairs.

The Knot suggest bringing in bolder, brighter hues into a basic rustic colour scheme. Brighter colours can look complimentary and shake things up a bit.

The warmth of bronze, browns, and golds can appear muddy and one dimensional if not mixed with a different complementary, or contrasting shade. Bright aqua brings in the familiar feel of Autumn mornings; striking blue skies, contrasting with golden leaves on the ground.

As another alternative contrasting shade, salmon may also look incredibly pretty, bringing out the hues in the golds and bronzes, while at the same time breaking up these warm colours, moving your colour scheme away from looking too uniform.

The charms of a rustic colour scheme

A rustic colour scheme is warm and inviting – it sets the perfect tone for a wedding with a relaxed and inviting atmosphere and it perfectly complements the autumn season, while still retaining it’s charm throughout summer, spring and winter.

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