5 ideas for winter and autumn bouquets

Winter wedding bouquet

So, you have decided to tie the knot in the tranquil beauty of the English countryside; and are working your way down a very long to-do list. It’s time to think about the bride’s bouquet. At Country House Weddings, we know just how important it is to think about each and every detail of your big day; so we have compiled 5 fantastic bouquet ideas to complement your autumn or winter wedding.

The bridal bouquet is one of the most important accessories that the bride is going to wear. Choosing a bouquet entails taking into consideration many different variables, but it should be, at the end of the day, a thoroughly enjoyable thing to do. It must be in season, so as to match the surroundings in its colours and fragrances; and it also needs to hold a special significance for the bride. Here are some ideas that will make your task a little bit easier and a great deal more fun.

Classic autumnal – evergreens and pine cones

An absolutely perfect choice for an autumnal wedding. You can ask your florist to combine two or three types of evergreens, as well as two kinds of pine-cones, for the perfectly austere autumn look.

For added oomph, you could choose pine-cones painted gold, or another colour of your choice, such as burgundy; or a more saturated hue if you’re feeling brave.

This bouquet is perfect for classic weddings celebrated in the autumn. Did you know that pine cones are no less than the pine’s very own flowers?

Pine tree

The alternative look – succulents

Just what is it that has the world going mad for succulents, we’re not sure. A selection of these cute flowers with chubby petals could be perfect for you if you’re a lover of all things alternative, or just a keen gardener.

On that note, succulents are resilient, so the day after your wedding you could plant them in your new home, as a reminder of the glow of your big day. They’re green all year round, so you’ll be reminded of your big day….yes, all year round!

Succulent plant

Winter wedding favourite – holly

If you have chosen to tie the knot during the winter months, or more specifically on the days coming up to Christmas, a bouquet featuring some holly leaves is a simply spellbinding.

You could combine it with mistletoe, for a muted look that emphasises the holly itself (and allows your guests to request that you “kiss” your significant other “under” the mistletoe); or with some white roses for added glamour that put the holly in the background of the bouquet. You could also sprinkle your holly bouquet with some artificial snow or red glitter, for an extra festive look.

Holly at Gosfield Hall

Back to basics – ornamental cabbage

If only we stopped and looked at the beauty of the everyday. If you are vegan or vegetarian; and dislike the idea of growing plants that can’t be eaten; or just like to lead a simple life, treading lightly, this choice of winter bouquet is definitely for you!

Cabbage is the quintessential winter vegetable; and you might not have known that certain varieties of cabbage are grown for ornamental purposes. It is becoming ever more popular to use it as a home decoration, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to ask your local florist to source a bouquet of beautiful ornamental cabbages. Combine a selection of pinks, whites and greens for a bouquet all your bridesmaids will want to grab!

Some ornamental cabbage

A solstice must – candles

December 21st is the winter solstice, or, in other words, the shortest day of the year (and the corresponding longest night). This day, and the days immediately before and after it, are perfect to celebrate your winter wedding, because they are in themselves so special.

In many Northern European traditions, candles feature abundantly on the days around the solstice. You could decorate your venue with candles (nothing quite as romantic as candlelight, by the way). While carrying actual fire in your bouquet could be hazardous, a battery operated light or selection thereof could add just the perfect touch of magic to your bouquet.

Solstice candles

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