Dealing with pre-wedding nerves: organising your day

Pre wedding nerves

Planning a wedding is often much more stressful for couples than the actual wedding itself. There’s so much to organise, from catering right down to the music playlist. It’s understandable that anxiety can mount over getting everything done on time, and making sure that everything turns out perfectly. Turning your vision into reality can be tough, so here are our tips on tackling pre-wedding nerves.

Hire a wedding planner

All of our Country House Wedding venues offer specialist Personal Wedding Managers, who will take the reins when it comes to organising your dream wedding. Our expert wedding planners remove much of the stress that comes with trying to do the planning yourself. They have years of experience planning beautiful weddings for our couples and are experts on the process. An experienced wedding planner will know everything from the best vendors to the perfect music to accompany a walk down the aisle.

Seeking advice and guidance from an expert will ensure you have insight into the latest wedding trends and access to the best resources. In addition, a venue wedding planner will know how to tailor your choice of venue to your unique needs and vision of your day.

Sticky notes

Keep everything organised

When it comes to organising your wedding, it’s important to use some basic tools and techniques to help you stay on top of everything. Invest in a special diary to be used solely for wedding planning. Make lists on your planner of things that you have to do and make notes in the organiser calendar for each event. Keeping everything in one place and clearly laid out in front of you will go a long way in helping you to feel relaxed about planning.

Share the responsibility

If you take up most of the organising of yourself, you will quickly find yourself feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Enlist the help and support of your friends and family members; especially your bridesmaids and groomsmen, who can help lighten the load. They can give you advice on how to best manage and deal with each aspect of your wedding planning.

While sharing the workload with the ones you love, it’s important not to focus on trying to make everyone happy. Brides featured the story of Arsineh, the co-founder of Zveil:

“In order to enjoy the wedding planning process and keep it stress free I had to come to terms with a few things: everyone has different opinions about for instance, which dress is the dress — mom, bridesmaids… Though I wanted to hear their ideas and opinions, I couldn’t make everyone happy and in the end I needed to make the decision. The people that love me shared in my happiness, knowing I got the wedding I dreamed of versus the wedding they had dreamed of for me.”

Time together

Take some time for you

It can be easy to get caught up in your wedding planning, obsessing over small details and pressuring yourself to get everything perfect. Be sure to take time to relax as a couple and enjoy yourselves. Taking a break from the planning process is essential in beating those pre-wedding nerves.

Stress-free wedding planning

There are many ways to help lessen the stress of planning your wedding – hire a planner with one of our Country House Wedding venues, keep everything organised and enlist the help of your friends. Each of these strategies will help ensure you have a stress-free run up to your wedding.

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