Happily hipster: Top 5 ideas for a hipster themed wedding

Hipster style

The hipster fashion trend is loved and loathed in equal measure. This style is about delving into the past while embracing the future, fusing the two. Here at CHW we’re all about the faux-bohemian style. You might not know it, but 2 million people in the UK self-identify as hipsters. With that in mind, we’ve picked five fabulous ideas for a hipster-themed wedding.

Creating a hipster wedding requires a vintage/boho foundation to build on. It gives you room to inject your unique ideas and enjoy something all your own. In the case of the bride’s wedding attire, try a beautiful vintage dress combined with a wild flower bouquet. The groom could complement this look with a grey suit and brown leather brogue boots – or even a pair of classic Converse All-Stars.

1. Flowers in your hair


Yes, the quintessential accessory for the hipster girl is to wear flowers in your hair. Consider having the bridesmaids all do the same thing to accompany their dip-dyed dresses. Flowers as hair accessories is an age-old tradition, and the staple of many weddings across the globe for centuries.

Writing in The Richest, Mary Plunkett explains how to sport the flowers and the importance of them at a hipster wedding:

“Not garish, ’90s ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ style; think more boho-chic and festival darling. The goal of the hipster bride is to look naturally beautiful and slightly undone. Think Midsomer hair garlands made of flowers with loose braids and waves to frame the face. The bride may opt for a white dress, or something a little different, as she so chooses.”

2. Adorn your reception hall with fairy lights

Leez reception hall

Fairy lights are the hipster’s staple home accessory, and you’ll usually find them draped around a mirror or across the mantle shelf of a fireplace. For a wedding, having two dozen or so of these clear hued beauties set around the room will make a charming statement. Imagine it – as the sun sets, the room will be aglow with a delicate twinkle. In fact, this idea could work for any type of wedding.

3. Artisanal foods


It’s common knowledge that the hipster boy or girl will be the finest food critic around. They will know where the best places to eat are and the most delicious foods to find. Securing the best artisanal foods is part and parcel of organising a hipster wedding. Talk to your venue about which food menu is the best option for your wedding party.

4. Find a creative videographer

A plain old wedding videographer just won’t do! If you really want to capture the magic of your wedding and have the finished results looking like a Wes Anderson movie, then you need to find yourself a creative videographer. It’s vital that this person isn’t afraid to experiment.

5. Get rustic with your table decorations


Any hipster worth his salt values the rustic aesthetic. Your table decorations are the perfect way to emphasise this. Go overboard – pick wild flowers and put them in jam jars, use old style containers filled with pomegranates and adorn your tables with daisies and roses.

We hope these ideas come in handy when planning your own hipster-themed wedding. If you think we left anything out, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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