Honeymoon profile: Cuba

Havana evening

Cuba has a truly exciting feel to it, with its rich culture, old-school charm and, unlike Spain or Thailand, Cuba is not a super-popular destination for travellers or holidaymakers, so it has retained its authentic charm and you won’t find yourself suffocated by swathes of other holidaymakers, you’ll just find the warm welcome of the local residents.

Relax and enjoy the wildlife and scenery

Relax on the striking Cuban beaches and enjoy the sunshine – Cuba is known for its beautiful weather, ideal for spending your honeymoon days relaxing on the beach with your partner.

Cuba is also a magnificent country, with its stunning golden, sandy beaches and clear blue waters. Many flock to its beaches to sun themselves on the beach, or to jump into the ocean waves and explore the wonders beneath the surface.

Saturno Cave, dubbed by the locals as ‘La Cueva de Saturno’, is a magnificent underground cave – which is a wonderful spot for diving. Cuba is also a great holiday destination for animal lovers, many visitors enjoy swimming with dolphins in the warm Caribbean ocean.

Visit Havana

Havana is the colourful capital city of Cuba. The capital city has a unique old-world charm to it, with inhabitants cruising around in their 1950’s cars and the buildings oozing with 16th century architectural charm.

One thing synonymous with Cuba as a country, is that its people know how to have a good time – salsa dancing, rum and good coffee will keep your energy and excitement up – it’s the perfect holiday destination for an exciting getaway. This is exemplified in the country’s capital city – where the streets are a glow with the buzz of friendly locals and street music.

If you enjoy your culture and history in equal measure – why not book in some visits to the local museums, where you can learn more about Cuban culture and the country’s’ complex history? The Museum of the Revolution is a popular local museum, which explores the history of the Cuban revolution.

Cuban market

Rough Guides explore the colourful history and culture of Cuba in more depth:

“Salsa still runs through the veins of every Cuban, roadside billboards still declare “Socialism or death” (rather than “Sale now on”), world-class ballerinas and baseball players continue to work for a state salary, and the island’s breathtaking beaches and forest-covered mountains aren’t going anywhere.”

Cuba brings with it a feel-good vibe and this is intensified around carnival time –

the Santiago de Cuba, held in July and the Havana, which takes place in August,  are celebrated with live music, dance, fine food, wine and processions throughout the streets.

Cuba is a great place to go on your honeymoon if you’re looking for culture and natural beauty, without the tourist feel.

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