Those halcyon days

At CHW we pride ourselves on bringing you luxurious historical venues. From Leez Priory to Clearwell Castle, each place is unique and featuring a range of traditional beauty that spans many centuries. Leez for example has a magical Elizabethan feel to it, whereas Clearwell has that glorious Jane Austen vibe.

In this post we take you through a few inspirational ideas to capture various historical eras in your wedding reception. From Victorian charm to fabulous Tudor adornments, there’s so much to choose from. Check out our rundown for some inspiration.

Victorian florals

Victorian florals

The Victorians were devoted to florals, from adorning dresses, to filling their gardens with all manner of flowers. Weddings were the perfect opportunity to go overboard, a tradition that is still very strong today. For your reception tables, be like the Victorians and fill them with an eclectic mix of different varieties, traditional English flowers are the perfect way to go.

A particular flower the Victorians always included in wedding decor was the orange blossom, as The Knot explains: “The Victorians were sure to include orange blossoms in their bridal bouquets

Medieval buffet

(sometimes even in their headpieces or on their dresses) to represent purity, chastity, and the bearing of many children. This custom, which originated in China, was brought to England in the early 1800s.”

A Medieval buffet

A little twist on the grand Medieval banquet, this buffet idea is just the ticket for capturing a bit of this mystical and princely age! Mini hog roast, all served on pewter salvers. This is perfect if you’re also looking to toy with a Game of Thrones theme.

A “V” victory reception

Wartime weddings have become a popular theme for couples, the romantic aspects of a soldier marrying his love before heading off to battle really sparks the imagination. So, for your reception, some patriotic union jack bunting and some good old English tea will make the theme come alive. Also, as The Wedding Secret write: “if you’re planning a 1940’s wartime wedding reception, music from Glenn Miller, The Andrews Sisters, Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra should help set the scene.”

A Dickensian dream

Dickensian dream

Charles Dickens remains one of the nation’s most treasured authors, and at our venues, a Dickensian theme will be perfect! Explore the books and add different elements from each book, so perhaps a Miss Havisham wedding cake (with edible cobwebs) and candles in wine bottles and antique silver holders.

Gorgeous Georgian

Georgian style

An era of whimsy and manners, a genteel Georgian wedding is just the ticket if you’re a couple who adores a bit of old world romance. For your reception, festoon your tables with charming white rose garlands offset by lavender. Source some Georgian style china and glassware for that elegant Mansfield Park style dinner and savour the age.

We hope you like our ideas, there’s so much history to be inspired by and these are just some we thought you might like. If you have any other history themed ideas then please get in touch, we’d love to hear about them.

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