All about the boys

The wedding day isn’t just for the bride and her friends, the big day is about the boys too. With bromances and close friendships being renewed, it’s an occasion when the love can truly flow among the men of your wedding party. In this post, we take you through the top poses for the guys to use in photos on the big day.

Getting ready

This is a wonderful shot where the best man helps the groom get ready during the frenetic moments of the morning. It’s a photo that offers a beautiful portrayal of closeness and intimacy between two good friends, and a touch of tranquility before all the upheaval.

The BFF pose

BFF pose

A groom’s best man is almost always going to be his best friend, a figurative brother if not a literal one. A photo of these two stood side by side, offering the camera big, heartwarming smiles, looks incredibly sweet.

Formal gentleman

Formal gentleman

A traditional yet charming pose for the groom and his band of merry men. It’s a chance to display all your gentlemanly glory, looking smart and well groomed. It’s a photo that wives and girlfriends will definitely appreciate as well, as it shows the men looking their most proud and masculine.

Bros for life

Bros for life

This is a really fun and laid back pose, showing the groom and the best man in a relaxed and brotherly aspect. If you’re having a very formal ceremony, this is the ideal contrast, a chance for two good friends to show just how at ease they are with each other.

Up close and personal

Close up

A solo shot yes, but one that captures the groom’s aesthetic style. If you’re a fashion conscious or hipster couple and are looking for a little more than just the standard poses, this approach is awesome. Quite similar to an art of fashion editorial, it’s becoming increasingly popular for couples and photographers alike to get a more creative with their poses and photographic styles.

Let’s celebrate

Lets celebrate

A very appropriate shot for a day of celebration, this photo captures the groom and his groomsmen enjoying themselves, raising a glass (or bottle) to a new and exciting start to their friend’s life. This is an amazing shot for photographers to get creative with, as is shown in the photo above.

Well, we really hope you enjoyed our rundown of some of the best poses and photo styles for men on their wedding day. We would love to hear if you have any ideas we can add to the list.

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