Choosing your wedding stationery

Planning the perfect day to celebrate your union is a challenge of several parts. You have to get big details right, like your attire, your wedding venue, catering and entertainment. Yet with such focus on the big picture, sometimes you can forget about the little things. As any bride or groom will tell you, it’s these smaller details that complete the overall look and feel of your big day.

Wedding stationery

Contrary to popular belief, wedding stationery isn’t just confined to the save the date cards and invitations you send in the run up to your big day. Your stationery also includes your orders of service, reply cards, information sheets, menus, place cards, table planner and guest book. The time after your wedding day will be spent mulling over yet more stationery courtesy of your thank you cards.

Each piece of stationery has a special role to play. It gets your guests to your wedding, keeps your big day organised and thanks people for their company after your wedding has been and gone. As with any item of your wedding to-do list, however, the sheer choice of wedding stationery is never-ending. This can leave many couples particularly daunted by the stationery shopping experience.

As the finest collection of country house wedding venues in the south of England, we have a wealth of experience in order to help all the couples marrying with us to make those big and little decisions. In this blog post, we share our top tips for selecting the wedding stationery that suits your style, wedding theme and budget.

Decide between DIY and professional prints

Here at Country House Weddings, we adore the love, care and attention that goes into those handcrafted wedding accessories. But is making your own wedding stationery items right for you? The ease of professionally printed wedding stationery is helpful, but going down the DIY route could save you money and provide a personalised touch. As well as getting crafty and learning a new skill like calligraphy to add a perfect finishing touch to place cards and invites, many stores stock DIY stationery kits. These kits provide all you need to make your own. Printable wedding stationery is another budget friendly, easy option for those looking to harness a professional design without the professional price tag, as Hitched explains:

“Printable wedding stationery can be a stylish way to have beautiful wedding stationery for less. You can pick from a variety of designs and then arrange for it to be printed separately allowing you to choose the best deal. You can choose from a range of elegant styles and spend as much or as little as you need to on the paper and printing.”


Pick the perfect stationery design

You may have overcome one obstacle by picking a wedding theme, but now comes another challenge: picking a stationery design. Your choice of wedding theme can be used to help make these design decisions more straightforward. Let the colours, textures and finer details of your wedding theme inspire you to choose a suitably stunning design for your stationery. Many guests will look to your save-the-dates and invitations as an indication of what to expect from your wedding day, whilst on-the-day stationery items will help cement your wedding style further.

It’s what’s inside that counts

What’s inside your invitations and written on other wedding stationery items needs just as much consideration as its overall design. Make sure the text is clear and readable. With your invitations and save-the-dates, make sure important information like your names, the hosts, the wedding venue, time, date and RSVP details are legible.

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