How to pick a wedding theme

A wedding theme doesn’t have to be a gimmick or an outrageous statement. Even the simplest and most elegant ceremony and reception can aspire to have a fitting theme. However, picking a theme to suit your special day can be a challenge. There’s just so many to choose from!

Wedding themes

We’re proud to offer a collection of the finest wedding venues in the country. We’ve hosted a number of themed weddings since we founded our group in 1988. In this post, our experts share their top tips on picking a wedding theme that is oh-so-you.

Gather ideas from all sources

The modern world is packed full of sources of inspiration. In fact, you only have to pick up your smartphone to access an unlimited supply of creative ideas. Knowing where to start when there’s so much variety isn’t easy though. Brides offers some great advice on finding and curating the designs and styles that will ultimately influence your wedding theme:

“’I like to encourage my clients to look for design inspiration in disciplines other than the wedding world,’ says Lee. ‘I ask them to pinpoint designs and styles others have already created, like sets in films, interior design, and graphic art.’ Some of her favorite sources? She points her couples toward their favorite hotels, restaurants, or retail stores; window displays and styled nooks in their favorite furniture store; scenes and spaces they love from movies and shows; and more tangible items like wallpaper designs and rental linen catalogues.”

Use your venue as inspiration

Your venue shouldn’t just complement your theme. It has the power to make or break that all-important final look. Whether you fall in love with the venue before you pick your theme or vice versa, using it as a muse will allow ideas to evolve. Each space can act as a springboard for inspiration.


Consider the season

When you get married can influence your wedding theme just as much as the where. After all, you can’t have a festival-inspired wedding celebration in the middle of winter! Many couples use the season in which they plan to tie the knot as their biggest influence. The weather outside helps them to select everything from the colour palette to the wedding accessories and details that complete the big picture. Top Wedding Sites offers wedding themes and colour schemes for every season in month-by-month guide.

Tell your story

Basing your wedding theme on something that you, your partner or the both of you love is a great way to make your ceremony and reception as unique as your relationship. From your favourite TV shows to the literary titles that adorn your bookshelves, anything can provide the basis of your wedding theme. Think as inside, or outside, the box as you like with your wedding theme. We’ve got a great guide for couples who want to go way out there with a Dr Who themed wedding. It’s a way of sharing your story with your wedding guests.

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