Just engaged? Here’s 5 wedding planning musts to do right now

Congratulations on your engagement! Whether you already have a vision for your big day or just a few ideas floating around, planning your own wedding is a fabulous experience. There’s so much to think about, which makes it essential to get the ball rolling early. Your wedding planning journey can begin as soon as you share the exciting news of your engagement with the world.

Wedding planning tips

There are a few wedding planning tasks you can do right away to make the process stress-free and enjoyable. Here we reveal 5 tasks you can do right now to kick-start the process.

1. Choose a venue and set the date

When it comes to setting a date for your big day, you can’t make anything official until you’ve selected your dream wedding venue. Make choosing a venue and setting a date one of the first to-dos on your list. Many wedding venues get booked up 18 months in advance, so don’t delay! Whilst time is of the essence when finding a venue and establishing a date, doing your research is important.

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2. Book your engagement shoot

Spreading the word about your engagement is great but documenting it in print provides an excellent memento. Huffington Post reveals the real reason why every newly engaged couple should have an engagement shoot:

“Because photos aren’t for today. People who see engagement photos as a mere test shoot for the wedding or as a way to get familiar with being photographed are seeing photos as only for today. But photographs are for the rest of our lives. There’s the joy it brings when your memories have dimmed to be able to see these times again. And there’s something magical about being able to literally show your memories to someone new. Someone who probably hasn’t even been born yet. And to be able to say, ‘Look. This is me and your grandfather when we were young, at the beginning of our love.’”

Wedding rings

3. Take out ring insurance

There’s an insurance for everything these days, but ring insurance is generally overlooked. Your gorgeous engagement ring should have as much protection as the belongings that take pride of place within your home. Ring insurance covers you for almost every eventuality, including if you happen to lose your engagement ring down the plug hole.

4. Start budgeting

Regardless of whether you have an extravagant wedding day in mind or want an intimate, modest ceremony, everyone has a budget. In the early stages of your engagement, decide on a budget. Find out the average cost of wedding day essentials and extras, so you can be realistic in your planning. Some couples even choose to open a wedding savings account.

5. Enjoy it!

There are tons of things to think about when planning a wedding. Enjoying your engagement should be a part of the experience! Fitting in more date nights with your fiancé or fiancée, hosting an engagement party or even booking yourself an engagement-moon are all great ideas for celebrating this stage before the stress of wedding planning really sets in.

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