The surprising importance of perfume for your big day

Getting married is an incredible moment in your life. Many of us feel a strong need to make it as memorable as possible. One of the best ways to do that is to appeal to all of your senses. Weddings are always visually spectacular; the flowers, fabrics, colours and candles are a great spectacle. The food is often fabulous, featuring special catering and an eye-catching cake. Bands, singers and choirs take care of our aural needs, yet it is the last sense, smell, that’s often overlooked.

Perfume bottle

According to Psychology Today, the key to long lasting memories is our sense of smell:

“Visual, auditory (sound), and tactile (touch) information do not pass through these brain areas [the amygdala and hippocampus]. This may be why olfaction, more than any other sense, is so successful at triggering emotions and memories”.

This way whenever you get a whiff of your bridal perfume, you’ll always be reminded of the day you tied the knot, even if its twenty, thirty or forty years later.

Making the choice

Choosing a scent for your wedding can be an experience in of itself. It could be a personal, intimate journey you take alone. On the other hand, you might choose to take your mother, maid of honour and bridesmaids along for the ride – and enjoy some pampering at the same time!

There’s plenty of advice out there on how to choose your wedding day perfume with magazines like Marie Claire, Brides Magazine and Glamour frequently doing features on the best bridal perfumes for that season. But why shouldn’t you wear your usual perfume? Well, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. However, many brides (and grooms) decide to buy a new fragrance for their wedding. This is largely because they want something to set that day apart, to make it completely unlike any other day before in order to really make their Big Day special for them.

Perfume for wedding

Define yourself

If you can’t find a scent that encaptures your vision of your Big Day then  @Bridesmagazine might have the solution for you. Their suggestion? Don’t settle for any old bridal perfume; why not name your own.

This enables you to build scent into a larger theme for your wedding, as you can buy scented candles and choose flowers that match your aroma. What’s more, there’s such choice with flowers that you can do this to suit any wedding theme. From elegant English country garden weddings (think lavender and roses) to laid back, rustic Bohemian weddings, there’s a flower scheme for your wedding no matter what the season.

Jo Malone, the luxury perfume and aroma retailer, even do a range of bridal scents which you can use throughout your Big Day. This starts with your pampered preparations first thing in the morning, continues to your venue and they can even be used as favours for your guests or your bridesmaids as thank you presents.

If you’re wanting to enjoy a memorable scent for your Big Day but you’re on a budget, it’s possible to achieve it with essential oils. These are much cheaper and much stronger, meaning that you’ll need far less of it and it will go further. A few drops on each of the tables, napkins, wrists, matching scented candles and your wedding will be the talk of the town.

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