Wedding favours with a twist

When we think of wedding favours, we usually think of little boxes of sugared almonds or organza gift bags filled with love hearts. But there’s a lot more room for creativity with wedding favours. In this post, we run through some great ideas to inspire and delight both you and your guests.

wedding favours

The Wedding Favour Tradition

The tradition of giving favours to wedding guests is not a new thing. In fact, wedding favours have a long history that goes back centuries.

It is said that wedding favours were first gifted to wedding guests from the French aristocracy, and were known as Bonbonnieres. The favours would be given in small boxes made from crystals or precious stones and would contain sugared almonds and bonbons. This tradition spread across Europe; in Italy chocolate was given, and in Spain orange blossom was gifted as this symbolised happiness.

Wedding Favours Online explains:

“The wedding favour also served as a token of the celebration and still does today, something which the guests could retain and remember the day by. The sort of wedding favours used these days vary significantly, nonetheless the custom still proceeds and is common amongst cultures world-wide. Wedding favours were first seen in England during the sixteenth century, a simple gift of a love knot made from lace or ribbons was given to guests. Today, wedding favours are commonplace.”

When are favours traditionally given? Event Planner, Cheryl Cirelli offers her opinion:

“Favours are presented in a variety of manners, how each couple does so depend on their own tradition or what they feel is best for their wedding reception. Some couples will display favours at each place setting, thereby adding to the table decorations. Others will have a favour table where the small gifts are displayed, and a decorative card attached containing each guest’s name and table assignment. There are still others who choose to give favour’s out by hand in exchange for a wedding gift. It’s up to the couple to decide which scenario works best for their reception.”

Wedding Favours to Wow your Guests

If you want to avoid the more traditional wedding favours here are a few ideas you could take a little inspiration from.

  • Wedding Playlist – A cute idea, and unique wedding favour. The personalised CD’s can contain up to 13 tracks. Great for music themed weddings, add your wedding day playlist, the CD’s are in Kraft style sleeves and can be personalised with your names and wedding date on the front, and the playlist on the back.
  • Lottery Ticket – For richer, for poorer. Give your guests the chance to leave your wedding richer than when they arrived! Put a lottery ticket inside a stylish personalised lottery ticket holder.
  • Message in a Bottle – A small token of affection for your guests. A mini bottle containing a message and photo, sealed with a cork. Ideal for maybe a tropical themed wedding, and a gorgeous keepsake of your special day.
  • Hangover Kit – In sickness and in health. It is likely that your guests will be enjoying a few tipples on your wedding day, a great useful gift is a hangover kit. You could include an eye mask, a bottle of water and paracetamol.
  • Matchbox Games – Tiny matchbox puzzles will entertain your guests. They are great for breaking the ice if guests do not know each other, and for keeping little ones occupied during quieter moments, such as during speeches.
  • Personalised Lego Figures – Personalised figures of you and your partner will be a massive hit with your guests, and a lovely keepsake of your wedding day.

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