How to calm your nerves at your wedding ceremony

Your wedding is one of the most amazing and important days of your life. As a result, it can often be one of the most nerve-wracking, too. It will come as no surprise that a whopping 92% of brides have experienced nerves on their wedding day or the evening before. With the same survey revealing that 66% of those affected by nerves said that it impacted how they performed on or enjoyed the day itself, extra precautions should be taken to tame those worries and avoid the breakdowns that even the hardiest bride or groom can fall victim to.

To help you on your way we’ve devised a few helpful hints to calm your nerves at your wedding ceremony, just one of the moments where all eyes will be on you during your big day.

Start the day off right

Make sure you start the day off with relaxation in mind by enjoying a great wedding morning. Whatever level of planning you’ve completed, your wedding morning will be a flurry of activity, excitement and nerves. In addition to devising a realistic timeline for pre-wedding preparations, surround yourself with the right people, as described by One Fab Day :

“If you are an anxious person, try to only surround yourself with only the people you want with you on the morning of your wedding. It could be your mum, your bridal party, or your other half… Ask any other visitors to be respectful of your time when getting ready with a note on the door. Nominate a trusted person in your bridal party or your planner to direct questions and queries to (or to hand over your phone to), to minimise last minute panic and to take any pressure away from you, so you can enjoy your day in full.”

Calming preparations can begin as early as a few weeks before your big day to ensure a more tranquil outcome on the wedding day itself. Read our “night before” tips for a stress-free pre-wedding experience.

Continue to delegate

As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, the key to a stress-free wedding is learning how to let go. Delegating to your nearest and dearest as well as your trusted suppliers is imperative. As your ceremony draws closer, use your wedding party to your advantage and continue to call on their support throughout the ceremony should you need it. They’ll be delighted to help and can have a calming and reassuring influence if used correctly.

Know your timeline inside out

Your wedding timeline will have been carefully devised, meaning you should know what’s happening from the minute you wake up on that fateful wedding morning to the time your wedding ends and you wave a grateful, yet exhausted, goodbye to your guests. Being sure of how your ceremony will unfold will give you and your partner ultimate peace of mind during the celebration itself meaning no nasty surprises on your wedding day.

Allow yourself to feel excited

After months or even years of planning, it all boils down to just one day. But without the right management that stress and anxiety can easily suppress any excitement you had for your very big day. Consciously make a decision to allow yourself to feel excited, particularly as your ceremony gets underway. During your ceremony try to breathe, think and enjoy every moment. It really is the start of something special.

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