Winter wedding trends 2019 – the ones to watch

The most popular time to get married is between May and September. That’s why many people refer to it as the ‘wedding season’, and that means couples often overlook the autumn and winter months when deciding on a date for their big day. It’s true that warm and sunny weather has its perks, but winter weddings have some big upsides.

Winter wedding

Although we can’t promise a dusting of snow on your wedding day, there are many advantages that go hand-in-hand with winter weddings, a fact that is making them more and more popular amongst soon-to-be-married couples. Winter wedding themes are magical and romantic, but for those saying “I do” this winter or next, which winter wedding trends could shape your nuptials and the celebration that follows? Read on to discover the winter wedding trends to watch out for.

Extra sparkle

The colour schemes captivating couples change just as much as the seasons from year to year.  The trend most in demand at winter weddings is the jewel-inspired palette. Rich burgundies, ambers and bottle greens suit the season, giving a nod to the festive period, and they look opulent and luxurious too. It’s not just your wedding décor that could benefit from these jewel tones. Your wedding attire will also look fabulous with this very on-trend colour choice as One Fab Day explains:

“Go for a wedding dress that is slightly boho but also glamorous. Lots of vintage lace, maybe even a velvet ribbon bow around your waist. For bridesmaids go for different rich shades of purple and emerald. A be-jewelled, vintage- style statement necklaces would fit perfectly with this look…”

Whether you are opting for matching bridesmaid dresses or not, selecting jewel tones as the centrepiece of your colour scheme will ensure a decadent look that is always classically beautiful.

Rustic wonders

The weather outside may not be the best that the year has to offer, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the outdoors. Rustic wedding décor is back, with the charming woodland textures traditionally found outdoors delivering the perfect complement to place settings, floral arrangements and table centrepieces indoors. Going “au natural” courtesy of these seasonal details is the perfect way to add warmth, whilst fairy lights and candles can be used to consolidate your romantic finish further.

White out

Getting back to basics is a great way to complement the season, and one colour that is synonymous with winter is white. It’s not just wedding dresses that will look fabulous in white, embracing a monochromatic colour scheme across your wider venue is an alluring and exciting idea. This elegant colour will decorate your ceremony and reception venue perfectly, giving you the ideal setting to showcase your wedding attire or alternatively introduce a dramatic pop of colour.

Hungry for more inspiration for your upcoming winter wedding? Check out our winter wedding dress ideas and discover gowns that not only complement the season but reflect your personal taste.

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