The golden rules of creating an epic ceremony playlist

Whether you’re a music lover or not, the music you play has a vital role at your wedding ceremony and reception. You may be able to get away with a few dodgy song choices at your wedding reception but the wedding music you play at your ceremony has greater importance. The soundtrack to your romantic journey so far, your wedding ceremony playlist will set the tone for your big day, energising you and your guests, and bringing everyone together for what is certain to be a very special occasion.

Your ceremony playlist will spark emotions and memories long after your wedding day. Music is powerful stuff, but how can you make the right song choices to ensure your wedding ceremony is energising, joyful, emotional and truly unforgettable? Read on to discover the golden rules of planning your wedding ceremony playlist.

Plan your playlist as moments

Your wedding ceremony is a series of moments and each deserves its own theme song. From guests sitting and the groom’s entrance to the bride’s appearance and that walk back up the aisle as a newly married couple, your wedding music should be the perfect accompaniment. The bride’s walk down the aisle is another iconic moment that is made even more momentous with the right song. These days you don’t have to go classic with the traditional Bridal Chorus by Wagner. Anything goes as long as it’s the right length, as EasyWeddings explains:

“Make sure the piece of music you choose is long enough for your bridesmaids, flower girls, and page boys to get down the aisle as well as yourself. You will feel a little foolish if the music runs out after your maid of honour and you end up walking down the aisle in silence.”

It’s not just your walk down the aisle that will require a lengthier piece. The formal signing of all the official documents that make your marriage the real deal requires music. The process can take up to 10 minutes to complete, especially if you’re posing for pictures too. Why not use this time to your advantage? Select two or three songs that are special to you and give your guests an insight into your favourites.

Select music that means something

There are many songs to choose from, but don’t be tempted to make your selection from the many rundowns of classic wedding ceremony songs available online. Each song choice should mean something to you. Whether it’s the song you heard on your first date or the lyrics that sum up what you mean to each other, make every selection count.

Keep things personal but not too personal

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to musical taste, and whilst your wedding ceremony playlist isn’t there to satisfy everyone, it should be at least appropriate to the occasion. Your musical choices should set the mood, enhancing every magical moment that’s a part of your wedding ceremony.

You don’t have to go too traditional though; modern music choices can be emotive, ambient and utterly romantic too. Just steer clear of anything too out there or offensive, even if it does have a special place in your heart!

Your guests’ musical education can continue at your wedding reception. Create a wedding reception playlist that rocks just as hard as your ceremony music.

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