Posing tips for camera shy couples

How you document your big day is just as important as planning your wedding. Taking amazing photographs to ensure your memories last in print and can be admired for years to come is probably best left to a professional photographer. That won’t make it an easy task, though! For most couples, being photographed at their wedding is likely their first experience of being professionally snapped, which can make it a little daunting – especially for shy brides and grooms.

Wedding couple posing

The importance of your wedding photography means you have to do more than just ‘grin and bear it’. Your wedding photographs are there to tell the story of your big day, so make sure you represent the tale well and have all you need to create an amazing wedding album.  Read on to discover our posing tips and make sure your wedding photographs are just as wonderful as the celebration you and your guests experienced first-hand.

Don’t pose

The mere mention of the word ‘posing’ is enough to fill any camera-shy person with dread. But with the majority of couples preferring au naturel wedding photography, not posing may be the call of the day. To make the most of the venue, light, atmosphere and the beautiful couple, the majority of natural wedding shots must be set up beforehand,  so you need to be willing to accept direction from your photographer. Avoiding the classic view of posing will instantly put your mind at ease, so relax, have a laugh and be in the moment.

Think posture

Your posture is one of the most important elements of looking great in front of camera. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with brilliant posture so don’t be afraid to practice before your wedding day arrives. The classic walking around with a book on your head still works, and posture boosting exercises like yoga and pilates are other worthwhile options.

Be more aware of your body in front of the camera. Everyone has a best side, so try moving your body to find the most suitable and flattering angle.

Use props

Your wedding photos should tell the story of your entire day. Don’t forget to take advantage of props and the venue you’ve chosen. There are many dreamy details that help make your big day ultra-personal and oh-so-you, so make sure they’re photographed! As ex-model Michele Paradise explained in this blog post from Wedding Ideas , your bouquet is the ultimate accessory:

“I always advise brides to hold their wedding bouquet to the side at hip level, rather than straight in front of them – in fact, not doing things straight to front is quite a good photographic model rule. If you hold your wedding bouquet up high you’ll hide the bodice of your wedding dress which may well have some beautiful decorative detail that you’ll want to show off. Also, if you hold your wedding bouquet up too much you’ll naturally hunch up your shoulders, which isn’t a good look for photos and appears very stiff. Put your bouquet down by your hip – but no lower because that won’t look right either!”

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