Save the date: Picking the perfect time to tie the knot

So you’ve just got engaged, congratulations! Whilst you’re busy enjoying that just engaged feeling, your thoughts are certain to wander to your big day.

It can be all too easy to get carried away with wedding planning as soon as that question has been popped but there are some tasks that have to be ticked off before you rush out to try on wedding dresses and sample wedding cake!

Narrowing down a range of dates is one of the first things you should do, even before contacting venues and other suppliers.

Picking the perfect time to tie the knot is harder than most couples think but with our handy guide you can choose a date that special to you both and works for everyone else.

Choose a season you love

Narrowing down dates is difficult, so why not start with the season? The most popular months to tie the knot are June, September, and October, with early summer and autumn generally providing the most favourable weather conditions for those stunning outside shots. Your selection doesn’t have to be restricted to high season however.

Each season offers its own pros and cons – just take a look at our recent blog post about choosing the best season for you – so weigh them up to discover which will work for your needs, budget, and wedding style.

Consider your budget

The primary reason why many couples enjoy long engagements is to gather more funds to make their wedding day the best it can be. Giving yourself a little longer to save and delaying your wedding date as a result is well worth it. Your budget can also be the inspiration behind marrying during low season.

Getting married in January or March may not offer any guarantees when it comes to the weather but you may find many suppliers lower their fees during these quieter periods.

Your dream venue may have more availability out of season too as Wedding Ideas explains:

“If you’ve set your heart on a particular venue, you’ll probably find it easier to get a Saturday date in winter. What’s more, it’s even easier to book your venue if you decide to get married midweek. Your guests will also find it easier to get accommodation locally and may decide to have a mini winter break as a result.”

The increased availability and lower fees will certainly help make your wedding budget go further. Make sure you also account for these unexpected wedding costs to ensure there’s no nasty surprises when budgeting for your big day.

Use your vision

Most people have an idea about what they want from their wedding day long before the big question of, “Will you marry me?” is even asked. Use this vision to narrow down dates further.

Is your idea of the perfect wedding day getting married in a lush, green, flower-filled garden? Then a date in late spring or early summer could help you bring that vision to life.

Perhaps it’s a warm, luxurious stately home that you and your new husband or wife are surrounded by? Then an autumn or winter wedding date would be perfect!

Give yourself time!

Choosing the perfect wedding date takes time so don’t rush things. You’ll have to consider many factors, including the ones mentioned above, before settling on a selection of dates that you, your partner and respective families are happy with.

Make sure you acknowledge all the things that are important to you both. You could even use astrology to pick the perfect wedding date!

However, you come to a decision on potential dates, be sure to keep an open mind. Challenges, like your dream venue being booked or your favourite supplier being unavailable, can therefore, be easily overcome, and the wedding planning experience can be as stress-free and fun as it ought to be!

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