Just engaged – How soon should you start wedding planning?

Proposal season is well underway and getting engaged is such an exciting time. It’s a magical milestone in any relationship, and as soon as that engagement ring is on you’re certain to be a bit overwhelmed about what to do next.

Taking some time out to just be happy together is of course your first port of call. Choosing the right time to proceed with wedding plans after the proposal is also important.

No matter how keen you are to pick your wedding party, devise your wedding timeline and start looking for vendors and venues! Read on to discover more about planning post proposal.

From ring selfie to altar

Looking at the average engagement length really puts when to start planning into prospective. According to a recent study, the average engagement now lasts two years, which means there’s plenty of time to celebrate your engagement and get started with wedding planning.

It’s essential to acknowledge however that every couple is different, and your engagement length will depend on your individual circumstances.

Long or short engagement?

There are many factors that may influence your decision. For most couples, having the time to build their wedding fund to ensure all their big day dreams can be turned into reality is a top priority.

There are many other benefits to enjoying a longer engagement. You may have other commitments in your life that you wish to dedicate time to before you begin planning your wedding day.

The extra time also means you can be more thorough when choosing the best wedding suppliers for your needs and budget. Short engagements have their advantages too as The Knot explains:

“If the national average engagement length seems too long for you, perhaps a short engagement is the best route. A brief engagement may work better for you if you’re eager to make big life decisions (like having children or moving in together). Another advantage of having a shorter engagement? You, your partner and your loved ones will be extra excited about your wedding.”

Discuss how long you want to enjoy being engaged for together and make sure you’re both on the same page about what the ideal timescale is for upgrading your engaged status to married is.

When to start planning

If you’ve set your heart on a short engagement, then getting to work as soon as you can is vital. Whilst planning a great wedding in six months is possible, planning takes time and effort with most couples spending years fine-tuning the details of their wedding days. For couples enjoying long engagements, we recommend enjoying that just engaged feeling for at least one month before getting in the thick of wedding planning.

Reaching out to vendors too early and without much thought or before you’ve managed to gather all the inspiration for your wedding day could leave you with a few regrets further down the line.

Take time to devise a budget, fine-tune your big day vision and research the hell out of every last detail before committing to specific suppliers.

One of the first decisions you should make once you’ve decided on the direction of your wedding day is when and where you’d like to get married. Here, at Country House Weddings, we are proud to present the finest collection of wedding venues in the south of England. Find the place where you’ll say “I do” by browsing our stunning venues today.

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