Reasons to do it all over again with a vow renewal

You’re certain to have your own fond memories of your wedding day and if you’re looking to relive that very special moment, renewing your vows is definitely the way to go.

We host many vow renewals across our stunning wedding venues, and couples tying the knot for a second time do so for a variety of reasons. Here, we explore why it’s a great idea to renew your wedding vows.

Include the kids

When you got married, your family may not be as big as it is now. Whilst your big day was the perfect way to celebrate the love between just the two of you, sharing that special time with your children is one of the main reasons many couples choose to renew their wedding vows.

There are many ways that you can get your children involved in your vow renewal. Giving them a starring role in your vow renewal ceremony is just one option as WeddingWire details:

“Whether they’re in the wedding party as maids of honor, best men, bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, or ring bearers, giving children a special job in the wedding will make them feel included and special. It’s really up to you and your future spouse to decide which role is best for your child or children. What’s most important is that you explain to them in advance what their role means and what they’ll need to do on the big day.”

Your children’s involvement doesn’t have to end there. You can make it a truly special family occasion by letting them help with planning and sharing a special vow or gift with your children during the ceremony itself.

Celebrate with a bigger budget

Years after your wedding day, you’re older and likely to be much wiser. You also might be a little better off financially than you were several years ago. If you were pressed for cash, time, or both when you planned and enjoyed your wedding, you may have had to make a few compromises during the wedding planning process. Having a bigger budget to play with is a great excuse to go one better than your wedding day with a magical, no expense spared renewal.

Whether you’re going bigger and better or more intimate and bespoke, you can have the vow renewal of your dreams.

Commemorate your love years later

A vow renewal is the perfect way to mark a special anniversary or commemorate your love years on. There’s no right or wrong time to renew your vows. As the renewal isn’t legally binding, you can host it any time after your wedding, whether that’s a year later, 10 years after or a remarkable 50 years on.

Mark the beginning of happier times

Marriage is difficult sometimes, and you’re likely to have faced some challenges together as a couple. A fact that makes renewing your vows for better or for worse a popular choice.

Coming out the other side a happier and stronger couple following serious illness or relationship issues should certainly be celebrated. A vow renewal offers a reminder of your utter devotion for one another and can help you feel special again even after a difficult period. A vow renewal also offers the opportunity to change your initial wedding vows.

Experiencing the highs and lows of marriage together will no doubt help you appreciate the other person even more and give you a whole new perspective on what you expect from each other moving forward.

Put romance back into your relationship

There’s nothing more euphoric than the love newlyweds have for each other. You can relive that special time, confirm your connection and inject some romance into your relationship once again by reaffirming your wedding vows.

Whatever your reason for renewing your vows, you should reaffirm your love for each other in a beautiful setting. We offer the finest collection of wedding venues in the south of England so you can celebrate your love all over again in the most magical way.

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