You’re engaged – here’s how to spread the news!

Congratulations on your engagement, now the fun can really begin. Becoming engaged is after all big news, and all the juicy details on how it happened, not to mention the rock you were presented with, should be shared.

Whether you just want to share your engagement with your nearest and dearest or announce it to the entire world, you should make your announcement in style. Here are just a few ways that you can spread your engagement news.

Share a story

The most popular and simplest way to share news of your engagement is to pick up your phone and get on social media. Whatever your network of choice, using social media gives you instant access to friends, family, work colleagues, acquaintances, and even long lost school buddies so you can reach everyone you know in just a couple of clicks. Before you spread the word socially however, it’s important to savour the moment as Brides explains:

“Before you even reach for your phone, take some time for you and your fiancé (!!!) to celebrate. Laugh, cry, hug, kiss, and pop some champagne. This is a memory you’ll cherish for a lifetime, so really make the most of it. Heck, wait a few days before you put up that post if you want to! You only get engaged once—and your followers can wait.”

When the time is right, keep your social media message short and sweet. Your ring selfie will do all the talking!

Go traditional

Sharing your news with those very important people in your life is of course a top priority. Even if you choose to post your newly engaged status on social media afterwards, going traditional and telling your parents, siblings and closest friends first is recommended.

There’s nothing like a face-to-face reveal, and it’s made even more magical by the reactions of the people you’re telling. If this will be your second marriage, then telling the news to your former spouse and any children you have together is a respectful place to begin.

Send snail mail

Handwritten notes sent by post may be the stuff of yesteryear but they still pack a punch when revealing engagement news. These unofficial save the dates can be used to formally notify family and friends, but you can have fun with its contents.

You don’t have to dip into your wedding fund to make your engagement announcement by post either. Free engagement announcement printables can be found across the web, all you have to do is shell out for the envelopes and stamps.

Throw a big party

Couples who are great at keeping secrets should consider announcing news of their upcoming wedding or civil partnership with a big party. Traditionally engagement parties are hosted after the big announcement, but why not throw the ultimate surprise bash?

Throwing a surprise engagement get-together isn’t for the fainthearted. You have to keep your engagement under wraps long enough to organise your party and gather your family and friends.

Say it with a slideshow

Creating a slideshow or photo album to tell the story of your engagement is another creative way to share the news with family and friends. Slideshows can be created easily online and photo albums are relatively inexpensive to put together.

If your partner proposed on holiday, then this is the perfect way to reveal your huge news. You could even use your engagement shoot as the very last image so unsuspecting family and friends can be just as surprised as you were!

Your album or slideshow doubles as a great keepsake that you’re certain to look back on, along with your wedding album, for years to come.

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