Top ten must-have Insta-worthy wedding photos for 2020

While social media likes and comments are in no way as important as the fact you’re getting married, getting a little Instagram attention can make your day even more exciting.

Here’s a little Insta inspiration to help you get the online recognition your nuptials deserve.

1. The table setting

Kick your Instagram wedding coverage off with a spectacular photo of your wedding table settings. Take a close up of a centrepiece or take a sweeping shot showing the whole space.

This initial image will help to set the scene for your big day and show those who aren’t attending just what they’re missing.

2. Close up of the bouquet

A close up photo of the bouquet is a must if you want to maximise your Insta likes. You can either take a shot of the bouquet lying on a dressing table waiting to be lifted, or you can get a photo of it in your hands and include a tantalising snippet of your dress in the image.

3. Generations

Generation photos always go down well on Instagram. As @natphotolab says, “If you are lucky enough to have parents and grandparents celebrate your special day with you, do not miss the opportunity for a generational photo.”

4. The vows

If possible, ask your photographer to take a shot from the altar as you say your vows. This will ensure your nearest and dearest are in the image, making the moment extra special.

5. The great outdoors

There’s something about the great outdoors that really brings an image to life. Whether you’re getting married in the countryside, the city, or a grand country house, make sure you get a snap of bride and groom out in the elements.

6. Mr & Mrs

A shot of a Mr & Mrs sign is an easy and succinct way to show the world you’re married. A large, illuminated sign will look great in photos and encourage your guests to get Instagramming too.

7. Group shot

Getting a photo of everyone at your wedding is a great way to document the day and create a memento you’ll love forever.

Ask your photographer to use a vantage point like an upper window to get a great photo for your feed.

8. The dance floor

People love to see brides, grooms and guests letting loose on the dance floor, so make sure you include a pic of the party in your Instagram coverage.

9. The cake

A good cake photo can make your followers hungry and jealous all at the same time. Ask your photographer to get a shot of your sponge before your guests devour it.

10. Being chased by a dinosaur

If you want to have some fun with your wedding photos, ask your photographer to take a shot of you, your groom and the bridal party running towards the camera.

They can then photoshop in a dinosaur, a dragon or another terrifying beast and give your day a truly dramatic edge.

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