Wedding trends for menswear 2020/21

Wedding trends for menswear are just as susceptible to change as those for bridal wear, influenced by everything from celebrity fashions and catwalk trends to high-street designers and social media.

Keeping up with current menswear trends, and incorporating them into your wedding outfit, can help to ensure you look as good as possible on your big day.

Colour blocking

Colour blocking is where you select a tie and shirt – and even jacket – that are all the same tone. From a distance, your matching items of clothing will be indistinguishable.

However, up close, your loved ones will be able to see just how smart and stylish your suit is. As @OneFabDay says, “Matching the tone of your tie to your shirt is an easy way to give a modern, minimal finish to your wedding suit.”


Checks can give a suit a casually sophisticated air and turn a standard outfit into something special.

Choose a bold check design to ensure your style choice stands out and makes a statement, or opt for a more subtle checked suit for an understated look.

 Bold colour choices

Just because most people wear grey, blue, and black suits on their wedding day, doesn’t mean you have to.

In fact, opting for a brightly coloured suit can be a great way to stamp your personality on your wedding outfit and show your loved ones you’re that little bit different.

Make sure you choose a colour that complements or matches your wedding colour scheme. This will help your day look more choreographed and ensure your suit doesn’t clash with the décor.

 No socks

The sockless look has been building momentum for some years now. Men have increasingly been opting to wear invisible socks or forgo socks when wearing a suit, chinos, and other types of trousers.

If you like the sockless look, why not show a little ankle on your big day? This casual look can work really well at summer weddings and outdoor events.


Peaky Blinders

Ever since Peaky Blinders first hit our screens back in 2013, the 1920s gangster look has been a popular choice with grooms across the country.

Smart, stylish, and a little quirky, it combines a distinctive haircut with a sharply tailored three-piece suit. Suits can be grey, brown, black, or blue and ideally need to have the chain of a pocket watch slung across their middle.

 Statement shirts

Wearing a statement shirt underneath your suit is another good way to have some fun with your wedding outfit. Think bright, bold colours, and eye-catching prints.

These types of shirts can look great poking out from under a well-fitting suit, so don’t be afraid to have a little fun.

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