Philanthropy will find its way into weddings in 2021

Over recent months, we’ve all come to realise just how important friends, family and community really are. A wedding is a perfect opportunity to give something back and show your nearest and dearest just how much they’re loved. This is one reason why philanthropy is set to be a major trend for weddings taking place in 2021.

Giving something back to local charities and organisations, or even individuals can help your wedding to make a long-lasting positive impact. This will help you spread the love and ensure as many people as possible benefit from your big day.

Register for a good cause

An easy and effective way of introducing a little philanthropy to your big day is to register for charity instead of gifts. As @TheKnot says, “If you already have enough home goods, consider setting up a wedding fundraiser page in lieu of a traditional registry. Link it on your website where you’d normally put your registry info, and guests can make donations to whichever charitable cause or issue your philanthropic heart desires.” A lot of charities, even small ones, offer some sort of wedding registry service, so setting up your register should be easy.

Donate leftover food to charity

In all likelihood, there will be a lot of food leftover after your big day. Instead of throwing this food away, talk to your venue about the possibility of donating it to a good cause. A lot of homeless shelters accept this type of donation and your local food bank may also be very happy to take the leftovers off your hands.

Use local, independent contractors

While paying for goods and services doesn’t really fall into the category of philanthropy, supporting local, independent businesses is still a good way to make a positive impact. Talk to your venue to see if they work with any local companies looking to grow their business. You could also look for local wedding dress companies, decoration suppliers and up and coming photographers. With COVID-19 making business, a challenge for a lot of wedding companies, your support in 2021 will be more important than ever.

Donate your flowers and dress

Another great way to help good causes with your wedding is to donate your flowers to a nearby hospital or old people’s home. Residents and patients will love having their rooms decorated with fresh blooms and it’s a lot better than simply throwing flowers in the bin. You can also donate your wedding dress to a good cause. There are organisations across the country that repurpose used wedding dresses. Donating your gown can help you make another bride’s dreams come true.

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