How many dress fittings will I need?

Unbeknown to most brides, finding ‘the one’ is just the beginning. The vast majority of brides-to-be need multiple wedding dress fittings to ensure that stunning gown is the perfect fit. But how many dress fittings will you need? Here we answer this all-important question as well as address the most common wedding dress fitting queries…

How many fittings should I schedule?

Your seamstress will be able to advise on the number of wedding dress fittings you’ll require, or at least give an estimate. Usually a bride will have up to three wedding dress fittings in the run up to their wedding date, with the final fitting around 1 to 2 weeks before the day itself.

The first fitting will take place roughly 8 to 10 weeks before your wedding to ensure there’s enough time for alterations and to fit in any additional fittings that you may require.

How long do dress fittings last?

You should allow plenty of time for your first fitting to ensure that your seamstress can take their time with the alterations. It is at this first session when you’ll be advised on further fittings.

The first fitting will usually take an hour with subsequent fittings taking less time, although appointments depend entirely on the fit and your unique requirements. You may need more alterations if you haven’t tried on the dress in person, for example, if you’re purchasing your wedding dress online.

Can any dress be altered?

In theory – yes, but alterations are expensive. Try to avoid buying a wedding dress that is several sizes too big or too small (even if it is in the sample sale!) to ensure what’s left of your wedding budget isn’t blown on alterations. Offbeat Bride recommends buying as close to your size as possible for ultimate ease:

“While it is often possible to size a dress up or down, don’t count on being able to take in or let out a dress by more than one or two sizes. Many dresses do not contain enough seam allowance to let out that much -– and with fabrics like velvet and satin, the original seam lines will show. (With satin, original seam lines can resemble track marks, hardly an appropriate look for a special occasion.)”

What if I gain or lose weight?

These are exactly the situations that make wedding dress fittings so essential! Don’t worry if you lose or gain weight after your wedding dress has arrived, your seamstress will be able to alter accordingly, either by releasing extra fabric or taking the gown in.

What should I take to the fitting?

It is important that you bring along all your bridal accessories to each fitting, this includes your wedding shoes, underwear and accessories. Without these accessories your seamstress won’t be able to achieve the perfect fit. Your wedding shoes are particularly vital as heel height will dictate the length of your hem.

You’ll find a full list of what to bring to your wedding dress fittings here.

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